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Re: “Cases Against Police Officers Who Sexually Exploited Underage Girl Known as Celeste Guap Fall Apart

There is plenty of evidence to charge them. Lets reflect once the cat was out of the bag, Richmond PD accessed victims compensation and had Celeste send all the way to a rehab in FL, where the rehab worker illegally tried to restrain her and inject her with something,and when Celeste bit the guy in self-defense, they threw her in Martin County jail with a 300k bond. Within hours O Malloy told the media that she couldn't prosecute the cops without a witness, and who knows how long she would be held on these major felony charges. SEX WORKERS rallied around Celeste and raised teh money for an attorney and she was out of the jail and back in Oakland in 10 days. The prosecutors have tons of text messages where the cops admitted that they were paying her, running background checks and providing her info on upcoming stings. Why would they need the victim to testify with all this EVIDENCE, and the counter in that the cops held a secret award ceremony. Now usually trafficking victims are threatened with arrest if they refuse to testify, but when it comes to holding predatory cops accountable, they get probation and get to remain on the force, so they can exploit more women. The city of Oakland would not have settled for 1 million dollars if there was no evidence.…

Posted by Bella Robinson on 10/06/2017 at 10:12 AM

Re: “Bay Area Authorities Need to Bring Celeste Guap Back to California — And Media Must Protect Her Privacy

Let's flood this little jail with letters of support for Celeste. You can write to her at.

Jasmine Abuslin # 896101
Martin County Jail
800 SE Monterey RD
Stuart FL 34994

Also please sign this petition and donate to the crowdrise to raise money to hire Celeste an attorney.

Thank You…

Posted by Bella Robinson on 09/02/2016 at 8:04 PM

Re: “Bay Area Authorities Need to Bring Celeste Guap Back to California — And Media Must Protect Her Privacy

Actually Attorney General Kama Harris is a defendant in ESPLER v GASCON which is on its way to the 9th district court of appeals.
Amicus briefs are due Sept 8th 2016…

In this video you can clearly hear several people testify about the police forcing sex workers and minor trafficking victims into sex acts under threat of arrest, yet the committee ignores the abuse and insists that the LEAD (Law enforcement Assisted Diversion Programs) will be run by good male cops who wouldn't abuse the women.…

Note we know there are no SERVICES for trafficking victims, the system is set up to dump victims into public shelters and then abandon them, once they are done violating their human rights.

We are concerned that they will kill Celeste and then claim she committed suicide,

We pulled the charging documents and the rehab workers admits that he tried to restrain Celeste right before she bit him. (This conveniently was the only part of the incident that wasn't captured on CCTV. ) So he assaulted her first. Nobody at the rehab had a legal right to detain or restrain this young woman.

Then to add insult to injury the media told the world that Celeste was HIV postive, so I think it is time to demand all 30 of those Oakland police officers to be mandated for HIV testing (after all the courts do this regularly to sex workers)

DOJ has a responsibility to protect this victim who is a witness and to stop the corruption in CA police depts.

#whorenation has set up a crowdrise to raise money to hire Celeste an attorney,…

Posted by Bella Robinson on 09/02/2016 at 5:45 PM

Re: “Oakland City Council Takes Stand Against Sex Workers

I am baffled that the article didn't mention ESPLERP VS GASCON,

Posted by Bella Robinson on 11/03/2015 at 7:42 PM

Re: “Oakland's Threat to Sex Workers

Hmm if you people in Oakland are trying to save kids, why is is nobody is doing anything for the 1.2 million homeless teenagers in the US. Hmm perhaps you think all these teens should be rescued and send to foster homes, where 12% of all foster children were raped last year.

All the research shows that 97% of underage sex workers say "they don't have pimps and they are homeless with no other way to make money"…

So this legislation that they CLAIM won;t be used to displace sex workers but will be used to force hotel owners into throwing them out, is called DISPLACEMENT. Any hotel owner can already throw anyone out and they don;t even have to give a reason or a refund, so I doubt any hotel operator is going to allow a minor to work as a prostitute on their premises, thus showing the real goal here is to run all the prostitutes out of Oakland.

Asking the public to profile who they think might be a prostitute is nonsense. Do you think prostitutes look any different than ordinary women? How does the public tell at a "quick glance" whether some one is a swinger, stripper, a nun or a prostitute?

Then we will have more sex workers and teenagers that are living in the streets, and guess what they will still be doing sex work and it will then be a eye sore, and a real nuisance.

I am sure there are tons of people in Oakland that live next door to a drunk slut who parades drunk men in and out of her home for causal FREE sex, are we going to pass legislation to address this nuisance too? So if I bring men in and out of my home for free sex it is not a nuisance but if I am being paid for sex it is?

It is also nonsense that business fail do to prostitution, do you have any clue how much money prostitutes out into the economy? They pay for hotels or incall locations, they spend money in the local business, hair + nail salons, they hire local website designers, drivers, taxi's etc. (Did I mention that anyone a sex worker hires is classified as a trafficker/pimp but US law, yet when Walmart hires help they are called employees)

So do we want all the hotels in Oakland shut down and boarded up as I am sure that won't be helpful to other local businesses?

So what legislation and polices is Oakland going to out in place to reduce poverty and provide REAL DIRECT services to these teens and trafficking victims. Where is the long term housing, jobs that pays living wage, a higher education without student loan debt and non judgmental + compassion health care and mental health services. Every Trafficking NGO we have contacted say that they don't have any of the services we listed above, so all they do is dump victims into public shelters, as if this will change the person plight in life. This is what we call "rescue pimps" and FAKE SERVICES, as they are profiting off creating trafficking hysteria, and all the board members of these NGO are making huge salaries and the rest of the money goes to "creating awareness about trafficking" Quite frankly I think even the Indians in the rain forest have heard about trafficking by now. I challenge everyone to go to and look up the tax returns of these NGO's and see where the money comes and goes to.

Perhaps Oakland should be more concerned about the cops that rape children. and working on how they are going to start REPAIRING the broken relationship that they have with the community.







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Posted by Bella Robinson on 11/12/2014 at 10:06 AM

Re: “California Sex Worker Groups Seek Access to Compensation for Rape Victims

Since we are talking about rape and violence towards women, I have to point out recent research (link below) As American women you are twice as likely to be raped by a COP than any random civilian including a convicted felon. Yet those we put in power GET TO VOTE on who they want to discriminate against to deny them compensation + services and cops get to keep stalking sex workers.

Its time to change the social perception that she wasn't a person, she was a "prostitute". No one wants to feel a sense of community or sameness with her. She was something other than us and therefore we don’t need to feel fear or grief at the fact or the manner of her death."

Op-Ed: Rapists with badges: Sex crimes and cops

Read more:

2 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Bella Robinson on 12/11/2013 at 2:29 PM

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