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Re: “Why Black Students Are Avoiding UC Berkeley

@Leo Cruz...

I think another number that skews graduation rates at many BCS state universities such as Minnesota and the other Big 12 Conference (and UC Pac 12 schoos) are the number of Black athletes who enroll with no intention of graduating. Only 50 Black students enrolled in this year's class at Minnesota and you can bet that a good deal of those students are athletes. If these athletes are top pro prospects they are leaving as soon as they are eligible for the pros, with the example of nearly the entire starting lineup of Louisville's hoops team bolting to the pros after winning the NCAA championship, and there could be a further exodus of Black Louisville athletes this winter given the success of Louisville's football team.

Many of Cal's 100 scholarship football and basketball players are Black and given that Cal has the lowest graduation rate in the country among athletes impacts the overall Black graduation rate if they leave early. I would like to see statistics of graduation rates that excludes Black athletes; I think you would have a much more narrow ratio between White and Black graduation rates, given that in places like Iowa, Utah, Nebraska, Idaho and other states with tiny overall Black enrollments the majority of Black students are athletes and when they leave early, does it unfairly skew Black graduation rates in the negative as opposed to non athlete Black students?

You tout the high med school applications from Historically Black Colleges, but the same folks who want the Supreme Court to ban affirmative action have next on their legal list is the dismantling of state funded Historically Black College on the same arguments they use against affirmative action, in that they violate Brown v. Board of Ed and that the concept and need of a state funded Historically Black College is archaic at a time when a Black student is not limited to attending a Historically Black College. Historically Black Colleges like Grambling and Florida A&M receive a tiny amount of funding compared to Historically White LSU and University of Florida/Florida State U, but there are efforts to either withdraw all state funding to these schools, as the University of Georgia Young Republicans who sponsored the "Affirmative Action Bake Sale" would like to see, or to consolidate these colleges into the main campuses of state universities.

Finally it seems that critics of Affirmative Action are doing everything possible to discourage African American students from attending public institutions of higher learning. Right before Prop 13 passed attending community college was free, state universities were almost free and a couple of hundred dollars a year would cover all fees to attend the University of California, and the state was establishing new campuses to match the state's population growth. with four UC campuses, 10 Cal State Universities and half of the state's community colleges built in the 30 years between WWII and when Prop 13 was passed. Although the state population has doubled since Prop 13 passed, the state has not matched that growth by building new campuses, with only 1 UC and a handful of Cal State and Community Colleges built since Prop 13 passed. We don't hear from Affirmative Action critics "lets to everything we can to get any young person who wants to attend college, particularly Black and Latin students, into a California college classroom so that they can receive the education needed to be productive members of society " as opposed to driving many of these young people into expensive and unaccredited trade schools. That was the message of Gov. Pat Brown, who signed off on the massive post WWII building of college level institutions" sent but the message that seems to be sent by anti Affirmative Action types is that a California state university or community college education is a limited resource only available for those who can play sports and have the money to pay for a California college education.

6 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Robert Jackson on 11/11/2013 at 12:22 PM

Re: “Why Black Students Are Avoiding UC Berkeley

Fatima... folks like Leo Cruz say people like you don't exist and that the only reason you got on the Cal campus was because of preferences (which don't exist at Cal) and that the only reason you earned your Cal degrees was through grade inflation where professors felt sorry for you because you were a Black woman. You go girl.

7 likes, 4 dislikes
Posted by Robert Jackson on 11/08/2013 at 9:08 PM

Re: “Why Black Students Are Avoiding UC Berkeley

A few points...there's the claim that there's rampant grade inflation at the ivy leagues and top private schools like Stanford but the proof of the pudding regarding top schools is what people do with that education. If there is grade inflation at Stanford and the Ivy League, what does that say about founders and top corporate officers of Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, Ford and other successful cutting edge companies who have attended top private and public universities, and that would include African Americans recruited under affirmative action who have moved on from college to be successful doctors, lawyers, CEOs, head coaches, inventors, astronauts, rocket scientists and other successful professionals.

Again, I ask where you are getting your information. You say Georgia has banned affirmative action, but I cite below a link from Georgia Tech's website of a job announcement posted last month that states that Georgia Tech is an affirmative action employer.

Finally I challenge this misconception that affirmative action is a "preference" program in that the goal of affirmative action is to recruit qualified non whites and to make sure they are included in the same application pool as Whites and Asians. Affirmative action critics paint the picture that unqualified non-whites hanging out on the streets are automatically granted admission over Whites with near perfect grades and test scores. Like African American borrowers with very good credit scores who were told they didn't qualify for low interest fixed loans and were pushed into high risk subprime variable interest loans, while Whites with questionable credits were given the best better loan deals, there are many Whites with lower grades and test scores than Black applicants whose parents have the right connections or who have made significant donations to the university who get their children admitted.

11 likes, 4 dislikes
Posted by Robert Jackson on 11/08/2013 at 6:41 AM

Re: “Why Black Students Are Avoiding UC Berkeley

Leo Cruz...I don't know where you are getting your stats on graduation rates at public schools with affirmative action and why you are citing as an example a middle tier school like Indiana or Georgis State, whereas the best public universities in the country with Affirmative Action such as North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, the military academies have a Black graduation rates of 70 percent or higher..this is the link to my source

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Posted by Robert Jackson on 11/07/2013 at 7:53 PM

Re: “Why Black Students Are Avoiding UC Berkeley

To Leo Cruz...we live in a capitalist society where people make decisions on the best deal they're offered and how they are treated. Under your logic Vallejo native C.C. Sabathia should ignore his self interest and his desire to make as much money as possible playing baseball and should have rejected the millions the New York Yankees were offering him to play in NYC and instead played for the hometown A's, even thought the A's could not come close to offering what the Yankees were offering.

Given how much it cost to attend Princeton and Harvard, if someone is willing to pay a Black student to attend any school, particularly an Ivy League schoo, would that student be a fool to say no, I want to pay $50.000 a year he don't have to attend an elite school.

14 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Robert Jackson on 11/06/2013 at 12:38 PM

Re: “Why Black Students Are Avoiding UC Berkeley

One reason why there are far fewer Blacks at Berkeley than at other top institutions with affirmative action like the Ivy League, Stanford and North Carolina is that these schools agressively recruit Black students the way Cal recruits top football and basketball propsects who are responsible for Cal having the lowest graduation rate of any BCS school in the country. Unlike Cal's athletic recruiters, affrimative action recruiters at private schools and public universities that embrace affirmative action can offer top Black schools perks that Cal athletic recruiters could only dream of offering, such as repeated recruitment lunches and dinners with top university officials and alumni, tickets to Super Bowls, top concerts and other hard to get tickets, full room and board in upscale off campus apartments, good paying part time and summer jobs, overseas trips, alumni connections leading to great post graduate jobs and many other perks not available to NCAA athletes.

One reason Cal's football program is so bad is that until recently their horrible facilities was no match to Oregon, which has the best athletic facilities in all of sports, pro or college, which was a specific factor in top athletes deciding between attending a top academic school like Berkeley or a school like Oregon that's not in the top 25 academically but has better athletic facilities than most pro sports teams. In that context if you're a top Black student being wined and dined by Harvard and Stanford, and ignored by Berkeley, where are you going to go?

The number of Black students at Stanford, which has affirmative action, is three times as high as Berkeley. The Ivy League, where there is a higher Black population than California, has a Black student enrollment equal to the overall Black population of the nation, and most Black students admitted to elite schools with Affirmative Action programs graduate and graduate on time.

If in the 16 years since Prop 209 outlawed any type of African American recruitment the number of Black students enrolled graduated at Cal and UC campuses matched that of Stanford, the Ivy League and other universities with Affirmative Action, then one could justify Prop 209, but top schools with Affirmative Action have substantially increased the number of Black students while at one point, while since 209 the number of Black students at UC has dropped at most UC campuses to the point where not too long ago the only Black students at campuses like UCLA and UCSD were athletes and and foreign Black students excluded from Prop 209 recruitment restrictions of Black students.

18 likes, 9 dislikes
Posted by Robert Jackson on 11/06/2013 at 12:24 PM

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