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Re: “Why Black Students Are Avoiding UC Berkeley

And for people like NIla Taylor who think schools like Stanford and the Ivies are more welcoming of black students than Berkeley and UCLA or San Jose State or San Francsico State , let me reiterate what I had said earlier. These private schools are basically accepting students so that they will not be accused of being racists towards blacks and certainly not because of any altruistic reason. These aforementioned private schools are certainly not going to extend that " welcome " to Asians .

Since the late 70's Stanford had already imposed quotas on Asians .For the Ivies it started in the early 80's and continues to this day. Asians became the largest racial group at UCLA in 1991 , at Berkeley it probably became a reality a year or 2 later. In fact the only 2 campuses in the UC system where whites are still the largest racial group in the freshman class and they are Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz for the other UC campuses it would be Asian. This is in contrast to every private university in the East Coast or in California where the largest group in the freshman class is white.

Can you imagine Asians being the largest racial group in the freshman class at Stanford , well perish the thought , Leland Stanford Senior might turn in his grave if it came to that situation And the Ivies and Harvard ? if Asians became the largest group in the freshman class at Harvard , well the deceased Harvard alumni will start spinning in their graves, Ah well you can see as to who is the real racist.

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Posted by Leo Cruz on 11/12/2013 at 2:09 PM

Re: “Why Black Students Are Avoiding UC Berkeley


Again let me make it clear , Prop 13 or not or diversity cupcake sales at Berkeley or at UT Austin does not change the fact that race preferences are wrong. If Berkeley or UCLA is concerned about its funding , I would suggest that it should make every student who attends Berkeley or UCLA to sign a contract that they will give a certain percentage of their future income to their alma mater be it Berkeley or UCLA based on their availability to pay That would put an end to all these freeloaders who attend a public school like Berkeley or UCLA . Let us see how interested these wannabe Bears or Bruins are in attending UCLA or Berkeley if they are made to sign a contract with that kind of a requirement.

There is nothing that you can do about HBCUs , the Civil Rights Act of 1964
opened the floodgates for blacks to attend white schools like U of Georgia, U of North Carlolina - Chapel Hill, U of Virginia ad infinitum and ad nauseam to the extent that in 2002 only 21% of black collegians are attending HBCUs. If merging HBCUs with white schools meant that per capita spending on blacks and whites in the merged school is the same, then so be it.

There were 122 blacks in the freshman class at UW Seattle compared to 149 blacks at U of Minnesota Twin Cities in the respective fall 2012 freshman classes of the 2 schools. Yet the gap in the 6 year graduation rate for the 2006 freshman class between whites and blacks at UW Seattle is only 13% compared to 32% for the 2006 freshman class at U of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Why is that ? the reason for that is because 1 institution practices race preferences while the other doses not. How many black Berkeley students go to the NBA or the NFL anyway without graduating from Berkeley . It would be be small right ? I doubt it affect black graduation rates that much at Berkeley

5 likes, 9 dislikes
Posted by Leo Cruz on 11/12/2013 at 12:37 PM

Re: “Why Black Students Are Avoiding UC Berkeley

Your thoughts are indeed wandering from place to place, from HBCUs being forced to merge with white schools , their funding schemas . Prop 13 and Devry Technical School 1 suppose . It does not matter whether Prop 13 exists or not , Prop 13 is often referred to as the 3d rail of California politics.

What matters is that race preferences are wrong whether California voters wants to abolish Prop 13 it or not or whether diversity cupcake sales exists are Berkeley or not.

3 likes, 4 dislikes
Posted by Leo Cruz on 11/12/2013 at 12:05 AM

Re: “Why Black Students Are Avoiding UC Berkeley

You are going all over the place . First of all , the University of Minnesota enrolled 149 blacks for its fall 2012 freshman class . Now it will take the Supreme Court to drag these U of Minnesota diversicrats kicking and scraming to reduce that number from 149 to 50 . Now I do not know where you got that information about the number 50 but I know where I got mine.

The gap at Minnesota in the 6 year graduation rates between black and whites is actually 32% and not the 29% that I had stated earlier. I rechecked my figures and found out that it was really 32 % and not 29% . Feel free to check the data from the College Measures website and you will soon find out that I am correct. I had used the College Measures website b4 to prove my points in other discussion boards.

The percentage of blacks at U of Washington Seattle is actually smaller than that of U of Minnesota . And you cannot just merely blame it on black athletes
because the 6 year graduation gap at Minnesota is more than 2x as high as that of U Washington Seattle . The gaps at Nebraska and Iowa in their flagships are also over 20% Remember that there are black athletes in al lof the universities that you mentioned. So if black athletes leave the U of Minnesota then they will aslo leave teh U of WAshington Seattle as well.

And you cannot blame the weather for it, It might be freezing in Minnesota but so is it at the State University of New York Buffalo where the 6 year black graduation rate is higher thn that of whites.

2 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Leo Cruz on 11/11/2013 at 11:46 PM

Re: “Why Black Students Are Avoiding UC Berkeley

Girl ,

The one that you are talking about in NIgeria was affirmative action for women, in other words a sex preference and even that has received a great deal of opposition in the Nigerian parliament in Abuja and I do read the news. it was not a tribal preference , now it would be one hell of a different story if it was a tribal preference. In countries where preferences are granted it was PRESUMABLY directed towards the poor, what riles Brahmins in India is if a Dalit or untouchable who is wealthier than they are given preferential admissions in Indian universities.

3 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Leo Cruz on 11/11/2013 at 4:57 PM

Re: “Why Black Students Are Avoiding UC Berkeley

The 6th Federal Appeals Court that banned race preferences in the Hopwood vs. University of Texas case covered both the states of Louisiana and Texas.
Mississippi is covered by another Federal Appeals Court in another district.
The gap in 6 year graduation rates between blacks and whites at Louisiana State University is only 5 percent while that of the University of Mississippi is 22% .The University of Minnesota Twin Cities practices race preferences. The difference in 6 year graduation rates between black and whites is a whopping 29% . In virtually all of the flagship public universities in the Midwest the gap in 6 year graduation rates between blacks and whites , the 6 year gap in graduation rates between blacks and whites is well over 20%

You cannot blame it on poverty because Minnesota is a much wealthier state than Louisiana . So what accounts for the gap then ?

If you do not include Cornell, the University of Floria- Gainesville, Florida State , Florida A & M, University of Central Florida, Floria Atlantic U, Unviersity of South Florida put together produced more black applicants to medical school than the entire Ivy League put together. Sounds like blacks do not need the Ivies for matriculation at a medical school.

2 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Leo Cruz on 11/11/2013 at 12:52 AM

Re: “Why Black Students Are Avoiding UC Berkeley

@ becker

Which means that these claims of not being welcome is nothing but a ploy to increase the presence of blacks at Berkeley . I had known about that data already same thing here at UCLA . Blacks have higher yield rates than whites hardly a case to bolster the claim that blacks are turning or running away from either UCLA or Berkeley.

@ Nunu

You know as well as I do that in Africa asking a university to give preference to one tribal group over another is like asking the country to start a civil war in that particular African country. Are you telling us that preferences in admissions should be given to Hausas over Ibos and Yorubas over Ibos in admissions to the University of Lagos in Nigeria ? Fine, you just gave a recipe for civil war in the country .

Are you telling me that Eritreans and Somalis in Kenya should be given preferences in admissions over Kenyans at the University of Nairobi ? In light of what happened at the Westgate Mall , you really don't want Kenyan mobs to be descending on expatriate or refugee communities of Somalis and Eritreans in Nairobi right by asking for preferences in admissions at the University of Nairobi right ?

The majority of black recipients of preferences in the are people who are from the Caribbean, from the African continent or are of mixed race and not blacks who can trace their ancestry to slavery. A letter of a Somali high school student published as an op-ed recently caused a stir among the readers of the Washington Post because he voiced his support for race preferences . He admitted that he was a middle class son of Somali immigrant parents . There was another letter by an Ethiopian girl from Harvard who made the same assertion in the Harvard Crimson. The nerve of this Somali and Ethiopian, both of them wanted to be classified as black so that they can be entitiled to a race preference of the university of their choice. Shame, Shame, Shame Ms. Kidane.......

4 likes, 6 dislikes
Posted by Leo Cruz on 11/11/2013 at 12:28 AM

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