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Re: “Say Goodbye to Pacific Coast Brewing, One of Oakland's Oldest Breweries

Very sad...wish you could come to West Oakland. We would have you, Spinning Dough Pizza, Ivy Moon and Stay Gold Deli...that would be

Posted by Carol Wyatt on 10/05/2017 at 8:16 AM

Re: “Landlord Of West Oakland Building Destroyed By Fire Was Working To Evict Tenants

There are 100s of near blighted or blighted properties in Oakland that are functioning this way (I'm sure)...they lay boarded up all up and down San Pablo Avenue and throughout flatlands in Oakland.

City leadership is letting too many people get a pass, claiming poverty. There are cities in the US with tens of thousands of residents who suffer the same challenges but many of them are taking action to address and arrest this negligence.

Oakland needs the laws that cities like New York and Philadelphia have in place: The Neighborhood Blight Reclamation and Revitalization Act allowing communities more muscle in holding property-owners responsible for abandoned, dilapidated, blighted or neglected property will allow the city to place a lien against the property owner's assets.

Under these Blight Reclamation laws, when the city identifies a property as neglected, abandoned or blighted, the city code enforcement officer tracks down the owner and prepares official notice of violation. The owner is served notice, usually by personal delivery, certified mail, posting the property or state constable delivery. Once served, the property owner has 20 days to respond by resolving the issue or appealing the violation.

If the property owner does not respond or files an appeal and loses, the city can begin filing citations against the owner in district court.

Each day the violation remains unresolved constitutes a new violation.

The City mails notice of the citations to the property owner. But, if the property owner lives out of the area or in another state, the citations are often ignored, Ackerman said.

Under the current system, the city's only recourse is to place a lien against the property. But a lien against an abandoned, dilapidated property doesn't usually return any money to the city because no one wants to buy it and pay the lien. Under the Neighborhood Blight Reclamation and Reviatlization Act, , the same steps to identify and serve notice on the property owner are taken, but if the process reaches the point of lien, the encumbrance is placed on all the owner's assets.

"If s/he owns a car, if s/he owns a house in another state, if the property-owner is a corporation, the lien is placed on those assets.

The law also provides for extradition of out-of-state property owners who have been charged with violations of the crimes code. The owner of a seriously dilapidated property that begins falling onto neighboring properties could be charged with risking a catastrophe under the crimes code.

Another provision of the law allows the city to deny permit applications of property owners who are delinquent on tax, water, sewer or garbage bills, or have not addressed previous property code violations.…

Posted by Carol Wyatt on 03/28/2017 at 4:37 PM

Re: “For MLK Holiday, Activists Tear Down Fence and Take Over Oakland's St. Andrew's Plaza in the Name of 'Black Joy'

A Note To The East Bay Express;

How come you always report negatives about the community in our area? Why don't you share successes surrounding the Farm Park which is open to everyone and even has someone who shuts and opens it daily that is an unhoused resident? Or what goes on with kids at Willie Keyes Center.

What about the work this community did to feed folks after the closing of Alliance Recycling? Or the hopes of what this community needs to really create change.

We know this City as a history of activism. What predominately poor minority community doesn't?

Let's get some positives told. This community wants some change that works to all who want to be here. But sometimes those who are here want to bring things that are harmful to its future. And those may not be as welcome.

Is it still gentrification to want to get Crime, drugs gangland presence and hostility out of the neighborhood? I was never raised to believe that. But I guess the readership doesn't respond positively or stay engaged unless the pile on is there.

The negative and frequently one-sided and misinformed media surrounding the activities in West Oakland (as usual) forgets to share what the collective community does to promote and create POSITIVE changes. There is a LOT if you didn't know.

Just because this community has grown up and gotten fed up to show they don't want the drug dealing and shooting here doesn't mean the people aren't welcome. The Liberation Group has more in common than they have in difference with those who live here. Actually anyone moving here has the presumed pick of the litter to choose where they want to live; why would they choose a community full of struggle unless they also care? It's not cheap to buy over here anymore as it once was so think about that!

Learn to separate the two. This is why black people are historically vilified; media that creates this narrative is as bad as those who spew it as politicians to stay endlessly in office but do no work to change the subject to positive outcomes.

I'd be happy to get some neighbors of all walks of life together for a profile and expose of this area.

Posted by Carol Wyatt on 01/17/2017 at 10:22 AM

Re: “For MLK Holiday, Activists Tear Down Fence and Take Over Oakland's St. Andrew's Plaza in the Name of 'Black Joy'

To amplify what was shared by Michael; the community wanted the park closed as part of the renovation-activation of healthy activities that serve the community as a whole. The community has been abused and mistreated for Decades.

Pretty much every surrounding entity (senior center residents and those who utilize the senior center; West Oakland Youth Center, the residents of neighboring Myrtle, Filbert, Linden and Chestnut Streets) experienced endless amounts (and I do mean endless) of police activity and drug use, prostitution and hostility. It's why the redesign was considered.

To support what Dorothy us saying: What does it take to provide the younger generation in the community some hope? The acts of a few adults who didn't give a damn and used their circumstances to abuse the community were so intense, shutting it down to redesign it for things like what occurred was actually desireous.

For the record, I know because I attended 90% of the meeting the community held to inform and engage the public about this long-time neglected area.

Plus, the ground-break of what is supposed to come in the form of People's Community Market has no hope for success if we don't work to change and bring a different narrative to this area. Just look at the area surrounding the park. Since I've lived here and even as many cleaned the area weekly to rid it of needles and filth left by those who abuse it for sport.

The community wants to see everyone be involved and included; even those who are forgotten still matter but having wrong incomes don't have right outcomes.

Adults who have aged out of (addiction,foster or prison) systems that suffer from having no homes is still a community problem to be solved. Even average working folks can't afford to live here, even offsetting incomes by thanks to an overall and overwhelming expensive city hijacked by San Francisco's lack of affordability. That is a longer and less addressable issue. But it will still need to be addressed; these are human beings; not disposable trash. Yes, the chickens always come home to roost and the conflict of gentrification which is always the buzz word even for communities of all races and income levels.

These are always factored into and mounted onto the happenings in this area or Clawson-McClymonds. The younger folks here are tied of getting shot and tired of seeing their futures destroyed because adults can't get their shit together. They don't want to be shifted out of the area to places that are more affordable but unfamiliar to them.

Posted by Carol Wyatt on 01/17/2017 at 10:18 AM

Re: “For MLK Holiday, Activists Tear Down Fence and Take Over Oakland's St. Andrew's Plaza in the Name of 'Black Joy'

I moved here a decade ago and am black. I also have neighbors who have historical roots in this community. From all racial backgrounds. And many of the black community were here during the periods when employment existed in the rail yards and Port of Oakland.

While I don't agree with the vandalized style the fence was taken down, I am far from surprised that it occurred.

First the closing of the Recycler without a response to serve the poorer residents. When you leave something sitting, without designing it to completion and not continuously engaging the ENTIRE community and including those activating the Plaza to resolve problems, this is what can happen.

All you have to do is look at who lives in these encampments to measure who is being effected. Promises to engage with nothing coming back to the table.

The one thing most wanted gone is the crime and drug use going on in the Plaza, along neighboring Filbert Streets and Brockhurst Street where there is a senior center and Youth Center within a block from the Plaza. Many of the neighboring activities which are serving the community are the anthesis of activities going on in the Plaza

What's unfortunate is there is no Adult Center because the age group between senior and youth appears to be ignored.

I actually like the Black Joy idea but don't think it should to be just racially motivated. If that was related to Dr King's Day, I am not surprised. The challenges in this community are about poverty across the racial spectrum. Everyone in this community including new residents understand this. It is clear that the people suffering most of these injustices are residents of a predominately black and impoverished community, with higher indices of unemployment and other opportunities.

And weekly cleaning that include defecation not to mention the hundreds of used needles from overwhelming addiction in this community. The Plaza was abused when it was open on so many levels that these discussions, which were inclusive and open to the public were intended to redesign the Plaza and try to get those who brazenly did whatever they wanted to do, with blatant disregard for EVERYONE ELSE. No matter who they were or what group they represented.

Serving JOY for the benefit of ALL PEOPLE within the Community isn't a bad idea, especially if the goal is to bring healthy alternatives to the Plaza and change the environments that remove crime (drug dealing) and behaviors that brought more police action to that little parklet and plagued a community for several decades; long before the gentrification occurred this was here and continues to be here.

Children here need more also; McClymonds just won the State championship and turning around the crime and drug use, dumping and ignoring the for JOY isn't truly a bad thing. But it should be done right.

Long time black residents want these eradicated also. When you have less of this, as one of the elders on Filbert Street told me 'you can't have officer involved shootings when you can keep the police away from the community; keep the crime out and the police don't have to spend tons of time here'.

No one wants their children and family exposed to these behaviors. Black, Hispanic, Asian or White.

Once again, a failure to focus and complete goals to serve the community's needs, serves to embarrass the City. We have folks sleeping under overpasses here. Of course a group of people who are activated to do something to change the subject was and is brewing.

I think the focus should shift the blame from the community. There are those in position who should be working with all of the residents: those who acted and those who want change and to bring everyone to the table.

The divisive nature of this is unnecessary, when all in the community want outcomes not dissimilar. The activists and the residents. In my opinion, that's an exclusive community that recognizes the needs of the poor and under-served and longtime disenfranchised and balances it with the growth and development for change that includes affordable housing and jobs, is what needs mending.

Posted by Carol Wyatt on 01/16/2017 at 11:20 PM

Re: “Badge of Dishonor: Top Oakland Police Department Officials Looked Away as East Bay Cops Sexually Exploited and Trafficked a Teenager

What's sad is that this blemishes the many actually good and caring officers in the department.

So I too am for an overhaul and I think Mayor Schaaf kicked off the fixing of this by putting the right leadership in.

Posted by Carol Wyatt on 06/17/2016 at 6:47 PM

Re: “Badge of Dishonor: Top Oakland Police Department Officials Looked Away as East Bay Cops Sexually Exploited and Trafficked a Teenager

Now, if only we could get eyes on the issues that plague our city, like this story has managed to uncover (as it continues and unfolds). It's exactly things like this that take away the resources we need on the community concerns we consistently have. As someone who sits on several boards and volunteers my time on commission(s), this is a G.D. SHAME. The time we spend as citizens trying to clean up communities, we are CONSTANTLY TOLD "we don't have money for this OR we are trying to do this". THIS IS WHERE OUR TAXPAYER MONEY IS GOING? WTF? So when I chair our Beat NCPC next month, this question will be at the top of the list. I'm sorry this is happening at all and horrified that its sex with a minor and federally a crime, not just an embarrassment. Perhaps our Local/State/County and Federal representatives across politics and law enforcement can help us figure out why we have to read about this embarrassment, but can't seem to get traction on some of things they're to have oversight on.

People need to do their jobs and stop stealing money for the time they spend supposedly working but are creating news stories to embarrass the rest of us.

Posted by Carol Wyatt on 06/15/2016 at 12:55 PM

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