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Re: “The Benefits of Pasture-Raised Meat


Here is a list of some of the medical, scientific, and health 'benefits' of red, grassfed, processed, unprocessed, organic, free-range, and pasture-raised meat:

01. Eating Red And Processed Meat Associated With Increased Risk Of Death
"March 24, 2009 — Individuals who eat more red meat and processed meat appear to have a modestly increased risk of death from all causes and also from cancer."…

02. NEWS: Dietary Fat Linked To Pancreatic Cancer - SCIENCE DAILY
"June 27, 2009 — High intake of dietary fats from red meat and dairy products was associated with an increased risk of pancreatic cancer."…

04. Charred Meat May Increase Risk Of Pancreatic Cancer
"April 22, 2009 — Meat cooked at high temperatures to the point of burning and charring may increase the risk of pancreatic cancer"…

05. NEWS: Diet Affects Diversity Of Microbes In Human Gut, And In Turn, Colon Cancer Risk
"April 2, 2009 — A typical Western diet, rich in meat and fats and low in complex carbohydrates, is a recipe for colon cancer"…

06. NEWS: Retail Meat Linked to Urinary Tract Infections: Strong New Evidence
January 21, 2010 — Chicken sold in supermarkets, restaurants and other outlets may place people at risk of urinary tract infections, researchers have discovered.…

07. NEWS: "Diet rich in red meat doubles breast cancer risk" - UK news…

08. BBC NEWS | Health | "Red meat cancer risk" -BBC
"Eating lots of red meat is linked with DNA damage which raises the risk of bowel cancer"…

09. NEWS: Red meat increases risk of death from cancer" -The Globe and Mail
"In contrast, those who ate more white meat have a decreased risk of dying, and in particular of dying from cancer"…

11. ACS :: Eating Lots of Red Meat Linked to Colon Cancer" -AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY
"People who eat a lot of red meat or processed meats may be raising their risk for colon cancer." -American Cancer Society…

12. Vegetable Diet May Reduce Risk Of Prostate Cancer
"June 4, 2009 — Certain modifications in diet have a beneficial effect on the prevention of prostate cancer. Results suggest that a diet low in fat and low in red meat but high in fruits and vegetables is beneficial"

There are more links available, however some site's comment systems dont accept them and thwart having too many links, even though they are all proper. However you can easily and freely google it in order to obtain and see any of these studies and news items yourself.

"Red meat doesn’t have the best reputation, and that reputation may have just gotten worse. New research from the National Institutes of Health AARP Diet and Health study found those who consumed the most red meat and saturated fat were significantly more likely to die from chronic liver disease or develop liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma)" -S. Robertson, RD, CDN

14. "Heme Iron From Red Meat may Increase Blood Pressure" - British Medical Journal
"Blood pressure may be affected by dietary iron intake, according to a recent study conducted by Ioanna Tzoulaki at the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Imperial College London, and colleagues, published in the latest issue of British Medical Journal."

[ALERT! - Heme Iron is damaging, and it is present in ALL red meat. This includes pasture-raised beef. That includes grass-fed beef, it also contains dangerous heme iron. Note that you cannot get away from it, even Organic meat contains heme iron. There is no way to 'cook it out' or 'kill it by cooking it' or 'cutting it out of the meat' or 'buying a kind that doesn't have it' or 'avoiding it by eating raw meat'. It's in raw meat, cooked meat, grassfed meat, etc. Heme iron is an Oxidant. That means it destroys your body's cell DNA. Meat contains heme iron which is a damagin oxidant that can cause DNA damage to a man's cells, and a womans. It's the opposite of the beneficial "anti-oxidants" that you hear talked about being so important everywhere. When you eat meat, you're actually defeating much of the vitamins, berries, plant sources, citrus fruits, and anti-oxidants that extend life. In other words, if you are all concerned about your child's health, and you were feeling great that you were so attentive that you made sure they were eating lots of oranges and getting lots of vitamin C, and then you fed them a piece of grassfed meat (or any meat), you just un-did and negated a portion of the work you just did trying to make sure your child had plenty of anti-oxidants. You just gave them a dose of meat which contains heme-iron which is a potent Mutagenic substance which is now attacking your child's cell DNA, and shortening their potential lifespan. (As a simplified explanation of this, think in your mind of Iron rust. That's oxidation. If your car starts to rust, it corrodes and begins to destroy the very fabric of your car until it eventually adds up to substantial damage, and eventually becomes destroyed and unusable. - Vitamin C, would be like a coat of paint or rust-protectant which is constantly fighting to protect your cherished entity against being damaged, while the heme iron in red meat would be akin to corrosive rust and oxidation working to slowly cause its decay and destroy it. (Vitamin C is NOT found in any piece of meat by the way, meat contains NO Vitamin C, this is why sailors had to bring citrus fruits on ships because meat diets, even with fish, would end in disease and scurvy.) Dubious sites will constantly parrot the phrase heme iron in meat is 'more absorbable' than non-heme iron in plants, as if that is a benefit that makes it better, however that's exactly the problem. Non-heme iron in plants actually turns out to be absorbed at up to 25%, as opposed to merely a touch more 30% for meat, which is slighter than what you may be lead to believe by all these reports of being so much more absorbable, and it has now been confirmed that non-heme plant-based iron can supply huge amounts of iron and in the presence of Vitamin C, the absorbability skyrockets and may even exceed the bioavailability of that in meat, and it has now been shown that the ferritin pathway using plant-based iron is in fact better at preventing iron deficiency anemia as opposed to meat, and plant iron is now being looked at for solving and providing a majority of the world's population with proper amounts of healthy plant-based non-heme iron in fully required nutritional amounts. The iron in meat is mutagenic and causes cell DNA damage. Most people who thought meat was supposedly a good or 'rich' source of iron, don't know this. It's actually severely damaging.]

"In those with breast cancers showing positive hormone receptors there was a marked increase in cancer in those women consuming the most red meat."-Dr. Tim Harlan / Nurses Health Study

16. NEWS: "Red meat doubles rheumatoid arthritis risk"
"Results showed those eating the most red meat had twice the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. Patients consuming red meat as well as other types of meat had similar higher risk factors"

17. British Journal of Cancer: "Vegetarians Less Likely To Develop Cancer Than Meat Eaters"
"In a study of more than 61,000 people, Cancer Research UK scientists from Oxford followed meat eaters and vegetarians for over 12 years, during which 3,350 of the participants were diagnosed with cancer. They found that the risk of being diagnosed with cancers of the stomach, bladder and blood* was lower in vegetarians than in meat eaters."

18. BBC NEWS UK: "Botulism risk sparks meat recall"
"Consumers are warned about the danger of botulism in vacuum-packed meat"

19. MEAT TRADE NEWS: UK - Sausage meat recall - Meat found infected with Bacteria
"18 Nov 2010 -The UK's Food Standards Agency has issued an updated Food Alert for Action. Listeria is a food poisoning bug that can cause serious illness"



"Last month one of the largest food processors in the world, Con Agra, recalled nearly 19 million pounds of ground beef that had been processed at a single plant in Greeley, Colo. It did so at the suggestion of the U.S. Department of Agriculture." It is important to note, that one cannot rest assured that all meat is safe. And it is incorrect to assume that 'the government' has any power over it. Because as shhown in this prime example, the govt "could only suggest a recall because it doesn't have the power to order such a recall and won't until Congress gets the guts to face down the meat-packing industry."-THE WASHINGTON POST

"This particular outbreak of E. coli has stricken at least 47 people in 14 states, and one death in Ohio is listed by the Centers for Disease Control as possibly linked to the ConAgra contamination."

E. coli kills an average of 61 Americans every year and poisons 73,000. "Poisons" is a better word than the common euphemism "sickens." Even folks who survive E. coli have been a lot more than just "sick."

[NOTE: Ecoli comes from meat. Not plants. Ecoli is an 'enteric' bacteria. That means it originates in the gastro-enterological system. In other words, up the rear seat of an animal. Up inside the rectum in the feces. Plants do not generate it. This means that anyone who is tempted to pipe up with claims or reports about 'lettuce' or 'spinach' or 'sprouts' or whatnot, attempting to blame plants is going to be instantly refuted, because in virtually every instance, that ecoli or salmonella on those tomatoes or melons or whatnot has been traced back to animals. Such as pasture raised cattle. Those bacteria cannot generate in plants. So what happened was that some meat-farmer was raising pasture-raised or grassfed beef, and he stepped in it in his pasture, and then he tracked the fecal matter on his boots into the truck he then loaded up with the heads of lettuce or the tomatoes. The cattle farmer contaminated the plants. In another instance, a cattle farmer was using the runoff water filled with urine and fecal matter, from his pasture which was next to his spinach field to water and irrigate the spinach. That is how plants get contaminated with ecoli, it does not come from the plant, it came from animals, usually a meat and livestock farm which allowed feces to contaminate his equipment and got it on all his produce, which he then sold to you and you gave to your child. And remember, animals get sick, and organic means they haven't been even given any anti-biotics either, so that means the animals can now be teeming and rife with bacterial infestations. One of the 'benefits' of organic meat, it doesn't have anti-biotics, but that also means the bacteria have not been eradicated and organic meat can be diseased and contaminated with bacteria.]

THE WASHINGTON POST ALSO NOTED: "The greatest risk is to young children, who have weaker immune systems and who can suffer and die in the most horrible way: bloody diarrhea, [due to brain inflammation, holes often need to be medically drilled in the childrens skulls to relieve pressure on the brain], kidneys that shut down."-The Washington Post. -Some of the 'benefits' of feeding your child pasture-raised meats.

20. "Foot and mouth infected meat still entering UK"
"Infected meat is still smuggled in each year, according to estimates." -NEWSCIENTIST

21. "Excessive meat-eating 'kills 45000 each year' - Health News
"Oct 2010 ... Lowering meat consumption in the UK would prevent about 45000 premature deaths a year, according to a new study"

The impact on health and even potential death is what makes this fundamentally different than merely some trivial discussion of who won "Dancing with the Stars" and who didn't. As you can see, up to 45-THOUSAND actual people's lives were impacted, resulting in their human deaths. And that's just from 1 aspect, and that's only in just the UK. Now imagine the impact in the US, and for all-cause mortality. These are scientific and medical studies, not some wild opinion, these are data. So before one touts the latest 'fad' in some article professing benefits, one should be accountable for the potential impact and effects. There are potentially about 45,000 people out there right now, along with their families and children, who wish they hadn't read an article like this, well, at least they might be able to if they were still alive. These are the data.

Please take note of it. Be aware of the scientific studies and events shown in the News stories and citations above, before you automatically presume and jump on the latest 'fad' in the meat-world. Remember, not only yourself, but it's also your child's life that could depend on it. It's not just you, it's others as well.

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Posted by Grant Washington on 04/02/2012 at 3:31 PM

Re: “The Benefits of Pasture-Raised Meat

"Thank you" to user "Bea Eliot" for helping to repost the message regarding the scientific information on grassfed beef below. It seems that those involved with the article are attempting to hide the scientific and medical information by improperly invoking the newspapers policy when it is does not apply, to delete properly & correctly posted comments, in order to hide the data from the public, because it revealed a number of pieces of medical information that did not put this article or its claims in a very good light.

Any and all are welcomed to repost and spread the information and re-post the posts, not only here but on other systems as you wish. The information is given right in the post on how any and all persons can infact confirm and verify the information themselves and witness that it is corroborated. Including scientific studies showing the medical and safety implications of what is being advocated by the article's author and the article above being harboured on this papers site. This isn't simply "debate-class" here where some bunch of people 'discuss' and then everybody goes home and nothing happened. It is not just some debate about who likes some kind of music and who does not. Those do not have ramifications. The article above contains recommendations that involve the ingestion of materials that can end up inflicting cancer, a heart attack, hospitalization, or even mortality on someone's life, or their child. That makes this far different than some debate simply about music or something about 'what somebody likes' and somebody else doesn't. Those don't send a person's family or only child to the hospital. It is for that reason, that it is important to expose the actual information from proper and correct scientific studies that show the health and medical implications of what is being touted in this author's article.

With that in mind, those here are now also going to be re-posting in full, the entirety of all the information here on multiple venues external to this newspaper's site, including seeding all our comments to multiple blogs and documented in a report which will be given to the media, along with small snippets of the pertinent non-factual information, the misinformation, and various claims made by Robert Gammon in this article, quoted and attributed, but now published in locations where he cannot get at it and attempt to hide it or delete it. Thus the scientific report, and studies, along with the incorrect or specious information associated with this article's author will now freely come up in all search engines and his claims, the names of the above mentioned stores, corporations, markets and so forth will now be associated with this author's claims, as well as the proper scientific information refuting it, and the medical implications of the items being pushed by these entities. The commission report will then be available to the public with references for anyone to see and decide for themselves, based on the scientific health information and facts.

So thank you whoever you are, "Bea Eliot", for re-posting. And to you, and any and all readers, you are welcome to re-iterate, re-post, re-post, re-tweet, blog about, and spread our scientific data and the information you see here. Spread it and repost it if any entities try to cover it up.

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Posted by Grant Washington on 04/02/2012 at 2:07 PM

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