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  • Dog Park Divides Lake Merritt

    Thirteen years in the making, the proposed Lakeview Dog Park meets its fiercest resistance yet.
    • Mar 16, 2011
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Re: “Dog Park Divides Lake Merritt

@trace, whoever posted that picture should be aware that they're in violation of the DMCA. The picture is clearly marked "Copyright 2009 Leal Charonnat - All Rights Reserved." You all should have a little more respect.

You're attacking Nate and/or his editor for writing a "grabber"? You do know that newspapers need to attract readers, and headlines are used to get attention, right?

"Figures don't lie, but liars figure" - Mark Twain (another Bay Area journalist)

Posted by lyingtogetyourwayischildishandwrong on 03/16/2011 at 11:25 PM

Re: “Dog Park Divides Lake Merritt

They say that after a while dogs look like their owners (or vice-versa). They don't say that dog owners are supposed to act like their dogs.

By singling out individuals (especially when you're wrong) and attempting to "out" them by full name, the dog park proponents are acting like rabid dogs and trying to scare away the people who don't agree with them.

All who stand for peace in Oakland, and against fear as a political tool, should loudly reject these tactics.

SHAME on you AmericanPaul (Is it Vidican?). SHAME on all who support him,
and it's not lost on anyone that you are all using just your first names.

Posted by lyingtogetyourwayischildishandwrong on 03/16/2011 at 10:14 PM

Re: “Dog Park Divides Lake Merritt

@Paul, You're frothing at the mouth now; careful you don't short out your lapdog, er, laptop.

You flatter me to call me Cheryl, by which name I think you mean someone who feels like I do, and writes far more intelligently on this subject than I do. It's not me, though. But if you're going to screw up the facts about dog parks, what else can be expected but that you don't know who you're writing to?

Grand Avenue adjoins the Astro Park space, so if you're talking about ACROSS the street, you must mean DOWN the street (Don't do too many crosswords, huh, Paul? You must be more the Jumble kinda guy)

So now we have Canada haters as well as golf haters. Why all the hate? Maybe you need a therapy pet; oh yeah, you have one. It ain't workin', pal. Try some yoga, they have a dog pose you might like.

Posted by lyingtogetyourwayischildishandwrong on 03/16/2011 at 9:59 PM

Re: “Dog Park Divides Lake Merritt

@QualMod, If I took the tactics used by many of the "proponents," I'd say you were a golf-hater. You're not a golf-hater, are you? Also, you point out Hardy which I saw just two weeks ago, in the evening, in wide use (and off-leash dogs outside the fence, just like at Astro, as i already pointed out. There's also Mosswood, which just got a nice write-up on one of the neighborhood listservs, although the author's conclusions were unsupported. There's brand-new Jefferson, almost-new Grove Shafter, and Joaquin Miller. 5--Count 'em. And if they're not good enough for your (elitist?) standards, why not put the money from this project into the existing parks, rather than create new hassles for everyone?

@Paul, Therapy dogs are not service dogs, parks are not libraries, and the "uprogrammed" space "across the street" (if you mean Splashpad Park-- you're very coy about specifics, Paul), is not suitable for soccer, volleyball, kickball, etc. You can't take a therapy dog to a restaurant, you can't check out a book from a park, and you can't safely play organized sports on concrete and gravel. when you're ready to discuss like a grownup, come back to the big folks' table.

Posted by lyingtogetyourwayischildishandwrong on 03/16/2011 at 9:22 PM

Re: “Dog Park Divides Lake Merritt

@ignorantpaul (whatever), thanks for pointing out what everyone who read the article saw: that this park is closed to dogs. Now, have a gander at the pro-dog park page on facebook, address elsewhere in the comments (but I suspect you already know it). Lots of pix of people breaking the law bringing dogs into the park. If people are already breaking the law here, what makes you think people are going to maintain the park when city funds for it are extinguished?

@dog owners in general: If you don't like the Oakland-no dogs in park law, work to change the law. Why, by doing harm to your souls in saying mean things to others, do you choose to settle for 1/2 acre, which is barely enough room for a dog park, based on the AKC recommendations (is that a respectable enough source for you?), when by repealing the law, you can keep your souls intact and share in all 155 acres of Lake Merritt parks, etc., etc.?

Don't take away the only unprogrammed green space in our city just to have another dog park. We have 5 already! Proponents, how much is enough? will there have to be a new Oakland Master Plan with a dog park within 1 kilometer of every residence in the city?

Re: 14 years of "planning" Seriously, how many people on either side of the issue are still here after 14 years? Of the three "volunteers" chiefly driving the fenced dog run project through the city regulations, 2 don't even live in Oakland, and the third lives in Montclair. So when people talk about respecting the work that went into the plan, how about a bit of respect for those who will have to live with it?

Re: Dog Parks don't smell - Try walking by one after it rains.

@TedE - Dogs need exercise, yes. But people don't _need_ dogs (certain emotional illnesses aside). They don't _need_ children either, but they accept certain sacrifices when they have them. People need exercise, too. Are you going to tell people they can't choose the exercise they want, because you choose to have a dog and want to grab everyone's open space to suit just you? Now who's being elitist?

Posted by lyingtogetyourwayischildishandwrong on 03/16/2011 at 8:27 PM

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