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Re: “Former Principal Alleges Oakland's BayTech School Was Source of Funding for Gülen Movement

Seems like our copy-paste Anush Kachadurian (a.k.a Frank EsekogluESSEK) spends a lot of time and reads the media run by Dictator Erdogan. Just so you know, those news are totally baseless and consisting of lies and BS. Those media outlets have no credibility in the Europe and here in the US. According to them, the TR government, sent binders of (around 90) "evidence" that show the failed coup was done by the Hizmet movement. In fact those are just accusations just like you provide here. They have no bases! If one of the things that they claim (and so you do) was accurate, the US Government would take appropriate actions and do whatever it takes.

Everyone knows that the movement has nothing to do with that coup attempt. It was Dictator Erdogan's Reichstag fire to purge the millions and torture them. It created a venue for him to be able to do whatever he was asked to do. Anush (Vanessa) who is a criminal by the record with social media harassment is following Dictator's agenda and being one of his puppets. The only thing she does is HATE. She's been harassing those innocent educators with the "motivation" that comes from the TR Government, Dictator Erdogan and his puppets. The blogs that she runs have all of those false information and lies about the movement.

Again, hate has nothing to do in education as Anush has nothing to do with it. Anush just hates, and that is what she has in her hand. The TR Government hired the attorney Robert Amsterdam, paid millions of $s to bring and defend their lies about the movement! The outcome is fiasco! Just like Anush's blogs! They are all lies and BS which have nothing to do with those innocent people and great educators.

Let me change your nick name, instead of copy-paste Anush, I will call you Fiasco Anush from now on. Quit hating!

Posted by Annette Giron on 09/10/2018 at 3:44 PM

Re: “Former Principal Alleges Oakland's BayTech School Was Source of Funding for Gülen Movement

Frank EsekogluEssek,

The copy-paste Anush is here again. The one... Criminal...

Anyways, I don't have time to spend for you. I will just sum up with a comment that one of those parents made for you on Twitter; Anush Kachadurian (Vanessa) a.k.a Frank EsekogluESSEK, you need Jesus in your life...


Posted by Annette Giron on 09/03/2018 at 10:53 PM

Re: “Former Principal Alleges Oakland's BayTech School Was Source of Funding for Gülen Movement

After reading Darwin's tweets about this story, I strongly believe that is biased!

Posted by Annette Giron on 08/27/2018 at 3:39 PM

Re: “Former Principal Alleges Oakland's BayTech School Was Source of Funding for Gülen Movement

Great point good semeterian! I truly agree...

Posted by Annette Giron on 08/27/2018 at 3:04 PM

Re: “Former Principal Alleges Oakland's BayTech School Was Source of Funding for Gülen Movement

Mark Hall,

Those school, including BayTech, have been audited by many independent firms and auditors including OIG and State Auditor. They have been cleared in all. There might have been clerical mistakes etc which is OK and normal in any entity.

FBI has had many many investigations about those schools and possible kickback accusations as they seemed real; result; NOTHING! It doesn't exist. Those who have been accused of money laundering have perhaps nothing in their bank accounts because they were all baseless. HATE is the only base you have and that's it!

All those auditing/investigating people are wrong about those schools and you are the only one that has valid concerns? Where are we living in? Which country? Filming your hateful discriminating KillingEd means nothing to those people as they are baseless lies. They are just accusations rather than evidence.

If the schools you visited are in poor physical conditions, it's not their problem. That's a problem of districts and department of education in general. I know that there are terrible charter schools in the nation and those should have equal opportunities as the other public schools.

Again I watched your movie and found it very hateful, baseless, discriminating, and misinforming! How can you say that I did not watch it? Where's your proof? Do you have to lie all the time? Can you just be honest once? What is that makes you that much of hateful? Hate and discrimination have nothing in education as much as you do in it!

Posted by Annette Giron on 08/27/2018 at 10:14 AM

Re: “Former Principal Alleges Oakland's BayTech School Was Source of Funding for Gülen Movement

Mark Hall,

Hayri Hatipoglu did not admit anything. He was just caught on doing something illegal just like Dictator Erdogan during December 17-15 corruption scandals. Hayri is responsible for his own actions, not the innocent people. There might have been members of the school that are inspired by the movement but "they are forced to pay back" is a big lie. That's Hayri's strategy to attract FBI for possible kickbacks. FBI has always investigated of possible kickbacks, the outcome is always negative. Hayri, the loser, thought with doing this, he could be out of this crime!

Your movie is baseless, discriminating, and biased just like your friends' blogs and false accusations; Anush Kachadurian (Vanessa- Frank Esekogluessek), Robert Amsterdam, Mary Addi, Sharon Higgins, and the others like you. I am 100% sure you have never been in one of those so called "Gulen" schools.

Quit hating!

Posted by Annette Giron on 08/27/2018 at 7:53 AM

Re: “Former Principal Alleges Oakland's BayTech School Was Source of Funding for Gülen Movement

I really don't give anything to what Anush (Vanessa) Kachadurian says as she is a criminal per the record. Don't deny it Anush or othervise I will let Mr. Kelley know :)))

A few words to principal Hayri, who is probably reading this in Australia;

You're such a big liar and disappointment just like Dictator Erdogan. There's no school in US having ties to Gulen Movement. It's impossible as those are publicly funded charter schools. They are all authorized by the local/county/state districts and are being audited by independent firms. When there's a wrongdoing, just like here at BayTech, the auditors and district do whatever it takes. It's a process for every school in the US.

Hayri! BayTech is not a Gulen school even though there might have been teachers/administrator that were inspired by Gulen. That doesn't make a school Gulen school. Have you heard of a Jewish Charter school just because the admin is Jewish? Or an Armenian school just because it is run by an Armenian educator? These are baseless and false information that are published by Dictator Erdogan's media, Robert Amsterdam, puppets puppets like Anush Kachadurian :)))

Hayri! Talk about the $450,000.00 Where is that money? Did you embezzle it or not? When you get caught doing something wrong, why you just changed your mind and accused innocent people of whatever things you have done wrong? Why did you steal public funds of Oakland youth? If BayTech was a Gulen school, why did you not say that in the renewal meeting of OUSD? Where is your credibility?

Again, BayTech is not a Gulen school, it is a public charter school serving the underserved population of Oakland. However, Hayri is a liar and a thief who thinks he is smart, but has no base at all for it!

Posted by Annette Giron on 08/24/2018 at 12:09 PM

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