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California Based Turkish American seeking truth surrounding 7/16 coup. Goose Hunter by nature, chasing honking geese.

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Re: “Former Principal Alleges Oakland's BayTech School Was Source of Funding for Gülen Movement

Vay Vay "Annette" was it something I said? About the embezzlement or comedy movie called "Love is a Turd" or the part about your Gulen crime lord leader KEMAL OKSUZ arrested in Armenia ? Maybe it was the latest beat down in Moldova by the great MIT, lets see that makes it over 50 countries closing down Gulen operations and 91 Gulenists brought back to Turkey to face the Turkish nation. Dont worry BB ; Kemal Oksuz is blabbing his guts out its only a matter of time that MIT will be knocking on Baba Suat' s door and Florida.
Maybe you can flee to Austrailia with Deniz and Hayri they have a business they might hire more ex-Gulenists…
Hakan Berberian (Berberoglu) might be able to take you in Chicago but its doubtful too many MIT and KGB in the USA Kremlin (after all a Gulenist assassinated the Russian Ambassador Karlov to Turkey they dont forget. You should have researched who his mother was before you shot him in the head ala Hrant Dink style.
You need to find true Islam in following allah or muhammed not a Cult that worships money and power. Best of luck to you .

Posted by Frank Esekoglu on 09/09/2018 at 5:54 AM

Re: “More Allegations of Embezzlement at Oakland's BayTech Charter School

Where is Annette? isn't he going to comment on this article? Naw that wouldn't be good, EMBEZZLEMENT is hard to hide from. and VIOLATION OF MULTIPLE STATE LAWS

Close it down - put a chain and padlock on this school, imam ordusu is too irresponsible to operate schools in the USA maybe Turkey will take them, back (snicker)

Posted by Frank Esekoglu on 09/01/2018 at 2:55 AM

Re: “Oakland Unified Moves to Save Gülen Movement Charter School

But But Nichol HIZMET school is the one that is 'GUILTY OF VIOLATING MULTIPLE STATE LAWS" not all those names you spew out. Lighthouse boys are unique they all share the same quality of never assuming responsibilities for their behavior. Alas they soon will the clock is ticking tic toc tic toc

Posted by Frank Esekoglu on 09/01/2018 at 2:50 AM

Re: “Former Principal Alleges Oakland's BayTech School Was Source of Funding for Gülen Movement

Hey "Annette"
Not only do you have a multiple personality disorder but you have gender confusion BB, its ok Goosehunter, America accepts cross dressers. First of all your schools are low performing and financially mismanaged. They are all closing down.

Secondly, I too saw your film I think it was called "Love is a Turd err Verb" a meaningless crock of propaganda like your entire worthless cult.
Lastly Kemal Oksuz reared his ugly neck after skipping out on the US House Ethics Committee investigations. The funny thing he surfaces in Armenia with the Ermenis that you continually spew your venom at. (he is grateful they spared his life and didn't turn him over to Erdogan) he is blabbing all your secrets about Florida and Chicago. Kemal has bags of cash stolen from the USA. Your cult cannot run forever from accountability you will have to testify one day or be deported back to Turkey because of your faulty H1-b Visa applications and lying on government paperwork. You are not American and never will be. or this one actually showing his arrest

I suggest you get a mental evaluation, your attempt to deflect is laughable YOU ARE THE ONES guilty of EMBEZZLEMENT and lying. Gulenists Yalan Yalan Yalan, your nose is bigger than pinochico. You would think that someone who got married and had 2 kids would grow up and separate from the cult that has possessed you like a zombie. But you still behave like the 10 year old child that was separated from your baba and momma and put into a "Gulen Lighthouse" of indoctrination. Why do you feel such devotion to FETO? He doesn't care about you, he lives on his estate living well off the money you steal for him. Remember your money hoist out of Fulton Science Academy? shame shame. forming a company then bidding on the foreclosed land for pennies while you pocketed millions. Heard the gavurs don't like paying tuition

No need to worry about Kemal Oksuz, he will be returned to the USA as an informant that will spill his guts out about the movement of brainwashed losers that actually believe they are educators. Gulenists aka imam ordusu also believe they are entitled to infiltrate any community or country and bribe politicians, open schools, disparage American teachers, steal money like drunk Turkish sailors, and tell nasty lies about each other. Yep did I mention the Gulenists are all throwing each other under the bus, like nasty traitors that they are.
Don't worry Kaz, hold your breath and through a temper tantrum cause your group is failing. You can always go back to Turkey...Oopsie forgot no one in Turkey wants you and you are not allowed to come back - unless you want to share a 4 x 4 cell with 12 other members of hizmet that havent taken a bath since july 2016 and fight over Gulen's table scrapes or boil his shoe and eat it.

Posted by Frank Esekoglu on 09/01/2018 at 2:33 AM

Re: “Former Principal Alleges Oakland's BayTech School Was Source of Funding for Gülen Movement

Dear James
Lucky you got away many American teachers get stuck working for GULEN CRIME SYNDICATE for 8-9 years before they find another gig.

The turnover is high at FETO terrorist schools. Once you have on your resume you work for GUKEN CHARTER SCHOOLS it destroys tour resume. Be glad you got out when you did. That GULEN SCHOOL in Santa Clara MAGNOLIA SCIENCE ACADEMY ended up closing parents pulled their kids out. Too creepy YILMAZ AK little hobbit

The video closing it down is on Utube it's classic GULEN copy cut paste same corruption.

Posted by Frank Esekoglu on 08/23/2018 at 4:38 PM

Re: “Former Principal Alleges Oakland's BayTech School Was Source of Funding for Gülen Movement

Annette, Nichol & jhon
aka copy cut paste
Gulen Crime gang

Dear crazy multiple personality GULEN CRIME cult member

I know lots about you including Hayri.great person who got smart and got away from the copy cut paste worldwide GULEN CULT. Seen 1 school in USA you seen them all

You should be planning your exit strategies instead of farting around on the internet attacking innocent Americans trying to hijack boards away from your FETO TERRORIST ORGANIZATION

I know this school and others on the west coast are mentioned in NAACP Resolution 16 for racist and bigotry. Not to mention you little cult zombies hate women especially American women. READ RESOLUTION 16 ABOUT GULEN CHARTER SCOOLS BIGOTRY ETHNIC HATRED and GENDER EQUALITY HATRED

Posted by Frank Esekoglu on 08/23/2018 at 4:30 PM

Re: “Former Principal Alleges Oakland's BayTech School Was Source of Funding for Gülen Movement

"Cut funding" you mean the entire world closing down Gulen operations could be making money for closing down CIA Crime MONEY LAUNDERING GULEN SCAM?

Dam I missed my opportunity to make millions and do the right thing closing liars and common pezavenc thieves down. Lowest scum of the earth hiding behind religion and kids for lira.

Erdogan owes me at least a Doner dinner in Istanbul.
I wonder how much Dr. Soner Tarim makes? Too bad LEAD Academy in Alabama lost the lawsuit and right to open.

Copy cut state or country GULEN CRIME SYNDICATE Graham Fullers little Frankenstein creation

Posted by Frank Esekoglu on 08/23/2018 at 2:39 PM

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