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Re: “OPD Cop Caught Making Apparent False Statements After Injury Crash

"Incorrect report", really? Why is it so difficult for some people to call a thing a thing. The cop LIED period, end of sentence! Why is America so brainwashed when it comes to law enforcement and truth. Here is the truth, video cameras have shown over and over and over that cops behave inappropriately and illegally every single day. They profile and verbally abuse innocent people, plant evidence and create scenarios in retrospect that did not happen. They shoot unarmed people, especially if they are Black or Brown. Instead of diffusing a potential situation upon arrival, they, as the law enforcement professionals, escalate the encounter. What the the public get's after a citizen is dead is the same old tired explanation and lies on the news. The officer was in fear of his life and discharged his weapon in fear. It was always the dead persons fault and he is not here to give the other side of the event. The same rehearsed line is given when the victim is unarmed on the ground or walking or driving away. The truth is that many cops are in fear for their lives as soon as they leave the yard and everything a citizen of a certain color does evokes the maximum force response. We have all seen the tapes. A cop in Texas physically assaults a young black girl in a swim suit, throws her to the ground and pulls his gun. Even his fellow officers looked at him like what is your problem man? Black unarmed drivers are given instructions by a cop and when in the process of compliance are shot. Young unarmed Black men are shot walking or running away from a cop who then claims that he was in fear of his life. Sorry Bruce, it is not an incorrect report, it is a lie. Many cops have military backgrounds and think they are still in Iraq or Afghanistan. I know that all cops are not bad and that they all have an extremely difficult job to do.But at least 10% of the cops on the street are not mentally or emotionally balanced enough to do the job. We have seen bad cops move from job to job running away from their poor records and it seems that history is not a determinant of future behaviors for some. It is urgent that leaders in law enforcement do a better job training and psychologically assessing job candidates to exclude those dangerous to the community. It has to be a PRIORITY!

Posted by GPatton on 11/07/2018 at 9:37 AM

Re: “Opinion: Why We, As Black Oaklanders, Are Voting for Libby Schaaf

At the end of the day, who becomes Mayor of Oakland is not about race or which candidate is more protective of one culture over another. The Mayor is supposed to represent the entire city and be able to balance overall community objectives.The current list of candidates for the job are all unqualified, even the incumbent Mayor Schaaf. What they all lack is education in public administration, finance or any broad based leadership experience in government. I find little evidence of any special attention to issues of the Black community by Schaaf either before or after her election in 2014. I am sorry that the authors of this article mistakenly equate their hires as Black women by Schaaf, to some heretofore unseen cultural sensitivity. The problem is Measure X, a ballot measure approved in 1998 for Jerry Brown to exercise his power in City Hall as Mayor. Jerry Brown was a unique candidate that we will never see again vying for this office. Schaaf and all of the current candidates will be what we continue to get unless Measure X is repealed. We will get well meaning citizens of varied backgrounds, totally unqualified for the complex day to day world of a strong Mayor in a large organization facing complicated problems. A strong Mayor leads, not follows the trends or the direction of prevailing political winds. A strong Mayor identifies, attracts and hires strong senior managers who upgrade and reform the systems and programs needed to meet the ever increasing challenges facing local government. Schaaf has not done any of this because she has hired poorly and mainly surfaces publicly to put out the immediate fires of the day. The fact that two of her staff members would write this article as an appeal to the Black community, without any awareness that this is not a good look, only emphasizes my point. Repeal Measure X, please!

Posted by GPatton on 11/05/2018 at 3:30 PM

Re: “Oakland Coal Company Dissolves, Reconstitutes

Correction needed, the court appointed mediator is requiring the Warriors to repay the Coliseum JPA 40 million dollars for Oracle arena improvements. Omar Benjamin (Commercial Real Estate) and Jerry Bridges (Port Operations) WERE senior level department heads at the Port of Oakland. As I recall, both resigned. Benjamin, under suspicious circumstances related to inappropriate use of public funds.

Posted by GPatton on 10/31/2018 at 8:57 AM

Re: “Oakland Coal Company Dissolves, Reconstitutes

Why are we blessed to always have shady people intent on screwing the citizens of Oakland. We get Mark Davis, Lew Wolff and a new Warriors ownership group who immediately announce their intent on moving the now world champions to the land of OZ (SF). At least Davis will soon be gone, the new A's owners seem to be doing the right thing and the Warriors are now going to be required to repay the City 20 million dollars it owes for Oracle improvements. What is disappointing about Tagami and his coal project is that the folks on his team, including Tagami himself, are people with history doing positive things for this city. Bridges and Benjamin are both senior level department heads at the Port of Oakland. Tagami and McClure were both Oakland City Planning Commissioners and members of the Port Board of Directors. How they could as a group, try to leverage this history and community relationships in order to reignite the long history of environmental assault on the citizens of West Oakland by pursuing this coal related pipe dream is shameful. To blame the City because they lost their financing and law suits take time in the courts is not damage. It is the cost of doing business. All parties involved are big boys who know that. The depths that greedy small minds will go to make money is truly amazing.

Posted by GPatton on 10/31/2018 at 5:23 AM

Re: “It’s Time for Mark Davis to Sell

This article is absolutely spot on. Mark Davis is a textbook example of a guy possessing the dangerous combination of arrogance and stupidity. I was especially nostalgic last Sunday. The combination of this obvious train wreck of an organization and the clueless lack of respect for the City of Oakland by Davis has moved me to a position of total apathy. At this point, if the Raiders are playing, I don't care any more. I was nostalgic because I have been a fan since my dad took me to my first football game at the Oakland Municipal Stadium (Laney College site) in 1963.The Raiders played the San Diego Chargers. The Raiders star running back (Clem Daniels) at the time was a friend of the family and that day was the beginning of my total devotion to the Silver and Black. My adolescence was brightened by many Sundays with dad at the Coliseum watching the Raiders play football games that have gone down in NFL history. I was at all of the great championship games against the Steelers, Chiefs, Jets and Dolphins in the late 60's and 70's. When Al Davis moved the team in 1985, I went to at least one game in LA every year. When they came back to Oakland in 1995, I bought a PSL and went to every home game until they lost the Super Bowl in 2002. Since that time, the Raiders have been in free fall. Al Davis sadly became detached from reality as he aged and eventually passed. Unfortunately, Mark Davis was given the reigns despite not ever being a part of the organizational operation. He has shown absolutely no evidence that he is capable of running an NFL franchise successfully. A smart man realizes when he is over his head. Davis is not that. Instead, he doubles down on stupidity. Gruden is showing us why his record, post Super Bowl win in 2002, with Tony Dungy's team. is underwhelming. Unlike his fiery style of leadership in his first stint as Raiders coach, the new Gruden seems comfortable and resigned to losing. The fire is clearly not there anymore. I guess $100 million tends to change a man's perspective. The same can be said for this team. At the end of the day, you can't expect to have good things happen to you when you live foul. Mark Davis and his shiny new adventure in Vegas is clearly foul and will never be a success. As I said previously, at this point I don't care about the Raiders anymore. Davis and Gruden can both go pound sand, Vegas is a great place for that endeavor.

Posted by GPatton on 10/30/2018 at 7:18 AM

Re: “District Attorney Clears BART Police Officer in Fatal West Oakland Shooting of Sahleem Tindle

This is one more example of why people of color in Alameda County have absolutely no confidence in Nancy O'malley. Time after time, O'malley shows that she just doesn't get it. Any normal person who views the video of this incident will see that when the BART officer ran across the street and found two men wrestling on the sidewalk, they did not acknowledge his presence, at all. The officer immediately chose to fire his weapon without allowing time or distance for compliance, de escalation or to even determine if, in fact there was a weapon. His actions were swift, deliberate and lethal before he had enough information to go to that level of response. Clearly, the officer was not in danger if the two people were still engaged with each other. The Ghost Ship fire in Oakland occurred after the City Building and Fire inspectors had been to the site for years and failed to fulfill their duty to act in the interest of public safety. Instead of charging the City or even the property owner with anything, she decided to pile on charges against the manager and assistant manager who lived at the site with their families. They were obviously greedy and failed to mitigate an illegal dangerous fire safety situation. However, the owner and the city also had a duty to comply with the law and they did not. Why were they not charged by O'malley? She get's it wrong every time!

Posted by GPatton on 10/23/2018 at 2:18 PM

Re: “A’s Wild Card Loss Leads to Offseason Questions

I am a long time A's fan who, like many, was pleasantly surprised and encouraged by what I saw from the team this year. Their ability to close out games after the 7th inning, depth of the roster and the strength of the bullpen were notable. More than that, consistent play every day over a long period of time and the community focus from the front office were impressive. However, your premise that the playoff loss in NY changed everything for the off season is not accurate and over dramatic. Every single point presented in your article was true before one single pitch was thrown at Yankee stadium and still true after the loss. Obviously, when you go into a one game playoff game with a relay team of relief pitchers and no quality starters, you have a problem. When you have the lowest payroll in baseball and you are playing a team (Yankees) with one of the highest, you have a problem. Knowledgeable fans knew that to expect anything else than what happened in NY was a stretch. Kris Davis, based on the numbers (HR's and RBI's) is the premier power hitter in baseball over the last 3 years and needs to be paid accordingly. How can the A's pay Jed Lowery 7 million a year and not pay Davis? The answer is that they can't, especially when you have a young (cheap) player like Barreto ready to play second base every day. The A's must find a couple of quality starting pitchers if they are serious about competing with the Astros in the AL west.That will cost money, but they have no choice if they want to take advantage of a core young group (Simien,Chapman, Canha, Chapman, Laureano, Martini) who look ready to go to the next level and solid vets like Davis, Lucroy and Piscotty. The new ballpark process will be what it will be and they will make a decision when it's time. Fans have to be happy with the commitment by A's ownership to Oakland, especially after enduring years of Lew Wolff and Mark Davis. Let's not even talk about the Warriors being lured to the Land of Oz (SF). All of the A's challenges were true when the 2018 regular season ended and a one game playoff loss in NY changed nothing. There is still work to do!

Posted by GPatton on 10/09/2018 at 5:49 AM

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