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Re: “Alameda County Approves $85 Million Sale of Coliseum Site to A's

Hey Steve,
Your headline comment that since the Oakland Raiders no longer exist, we are all 49er fans illustrates your profound misunderstanding and ignorance of the mentality of Raider fans. Real" Raider fans will NEVER be 49er fans. Raider fans may watch the 49ers, but many, including myself, more often than not are rooting for their opponent whoever that is. For the last 50 years my fall Sundays were focused on the Raiders winning and hoping for a 49ers loss. That does not change when the Raiders go to Vegas. After 20 years of losing coupled with perhaps the most pathetic and disrespectful owner of all time (Marc Davis), the move to Vegas does not affect me at all. I terminated my emotional attachment when the Raiders went to LA in the mid 80's. I am not one of these sad jump on the bandwagon Raider fans who think it all started in 1995. I went to my first Raider game at Frank Youell filed in the early 60's. So I make these statements as an OG Raider fan who has seen it all from the beginning. At this point they cannot leave town fast enough for me. I understand the business of football, but the total lack of respect and disdain by the organization, especially Davis, for perhaps the best fans in sports is not acceptable. Good luck and get out of town now!

Posted by GPatton on 01/06/2020 at 2:19 PM

Re: “Oakland Coal’s Wheel of Influence

At the end of the day, it appears from this article that the only Oakland persons with integrity on this coal issue are Margaret Gordon and Marshawn Lynch. McConnell, Bridges, Benjamin, Abrahms and Tagami all seem more than willing to trade their integrity for money. This is the ugly truth of politics whether it is local or national. It is an unfortunate reflection of the current state of the national culture. People like the ones named above have influenced decision makers inside Oakland City Hall for at least the last 20 years. Their time is up and I am glad to see the new City Council members continue to draw a line in the sand when it comes to this coal issue. The short and long term health and safety of citizens in West Oakland is way more important than the dirty money opportunity for this caste of characters.

Posted by GPatton on 12/04/2019 at 6:47 AM

Re: “Let's Speak Truth About America's Housing Crisis

First of all Jerry, why do you assume that I am Black? You do not know me. That assumption says a lot about you. Secondly, It is commonly accepted in the real world and easily found economic statistics illustrating the rise of the economy under Obama after Bush nearly drove the country off a cliff. However, what good would it do for me to spend my time trying to educate people like you? Your comments clearly indicate the problem with our country today. Half the population lives in a bubble where Trump, a dumb, lazy carnival barker somehow is the "great leader". It does not matter to your ilk that he not only kisses Putins ass, but he and the clown car he brought to Washington is screwing this country every single day. He is responsible for needless deaths, destruction of the environment and chaos over the world with his thoughtless tweets which is no more than foreign policy from a fool. He lies every time he opens his mouth. I think the latest numbers are approaching 20,000 and since you like numbers, look that up. At the end of the day, anybody can find numbers from somewhere that support any opinion. What matters most is truth, which you obviously know little about. By the way Jerry, any statistic from a federal agency led by a Trump appointee is highly suspect. Remember that EPA reports are no longer allowed to contain the words "climate change". That is your heroes brilliant solution to the problem. Lastly, see the comments from LT2012.

Posted by GPatton on 11/17/2019 at 11:22 AM

Re: “Let's Speak Truth About America's Housing Crisis

So in the bubble that Jerry lives in, it was Obama who created an economy that was stagnant and prevented people from moving up the ladder. Really Jerry?Talk about out of touch, This is not even about economics, it is about whether or not Jerry even lives on earth. Hey Jerry, look at a graph of economic and job growth in the United States over the last 10 years. What you will see is a deep dive under George Bush and a saving rescue of the economy by Obama. Obama's tenure in the White House is marked by a steady economic growth trend that dumb ass Trump is still riding. By the way Jerry, incomes are not increasing for everyone in America. In fact, many of the new jobs touted by the orange faced liar in charge do not pay a livable wage. People who previously made a decent living are now making 30-40% less. Incomes and 401k's increasing fast? That is only happening for the top end of the work force. Jerry, Sop watching Fox news and go out into the real world sometimes. We have housing issues today because historically Government policies like redlining, predatory lending, environmental racism, gentrification, redevelopment and discriminatory housing policies created the problem. I agree that the article is a fluff piece for Kamala Harris, but Chui is correct in suggesting that the folks who helped create the problem (government policies) have a responsibility to be a part of the solution. If you actually understand economics Jerry, you would know that trend lines are way more important than any snapshot of a specific time. Obama did not "create" a bad economy and neither did Trump create any "economic miracle", so just stop it. By the way Jerry, slum lords like the Trumps, and the Kushners who made sure that government housing programs failed. They were the greedy capitalist pigs who sucked all the value out of properties and put it in their own pockets. While you study a little economics Jerry, try reading a some history.

Posted by GPatton on 11/15/2019 at 5:08 PM

Re: “A's Might Have Perfect 2020 Vision

Eileen, I did not miss the point of the article, I intentionally chose to only focus my comments on the A's on field issues. If you archive my name you will find my many past EBX comments about the pathetic politicians and lack of intelligent leadership in Oakland City government. The greatest example being Jerry Brown killing the A's early 2000's downtown stadium plans next to the Fox theater, in order to court developer support for his planned run for Governor. If that serious intentional selfish act would have never happened we would not be where we are today as it relates to the A's. We also arguably would not have suffered almost 20 years of absolute incompetence and lack of leadership at City Hall. It was Brown's decision to kill the ballpark that drove then City Manager Robert Bobb out of town. By the way, Bobb's next stop professionally was as City Manager of Washington D.C. His first big redevelopment project there was to build Nationals Park, which hosts the World Series as we speak. Of course you are correct. It does not take a genius to know that you don't need to hire an executive director or even have a JPA when 2 of your 3 teams have left or are leaving town. Idiots!

Posted by GPatton on 10/25/2019 at 6:11 AM

Re: “A's Might Have Perfect 2020 Vision

Really Chris? It is disappointing to see you drinking a full cup of the Green and Gold Koolaid. This article should and could have been written one year ago. Every single on the field issue you identified in the article existed at the end of the 2018 baseball season. The one big missing piece limiting team success was starting pitching. Over the off season, Billy Beane did absolutely nothing to address that issue. Predictably, in 2019, the A's once again made a quick and rather silent exit from the playoffs. Look at the A's playoff record in the last 20 years, it is not good. They have never made it beyond the first round. The fact that you forgot to mention is that in the mid 2000's the A's had a young dynamic nucleus of Josh Donaldson, Yeonis Cespedes and Brandon Moss. They were the best and most productive power hitting 3,4, and 5 hitters in baseball. Despite the numbers they generated, Beane broke up that group because at the end of the day he knew that he would never spend the money needed to sign them to long term contracts at the levels their performances would require. I predict that the same thing will happen again with this young group. When they become free agent eligible, they will sign with other teams because the A's will not spend the money required to keep them. In the world of sports that we live in today, teams have about 3 years to win championships if they are lucky enough to pull together enough young talented players at the same time. When that window closes with one group, it is time to retool. The A's just finished year 2 with this group. It is clear to me that the organizational model is to consistently put together a team that is competitive enough to be in the hunt, but not good enough to win the a title. By doing that, they maintain fan interest every year, keep the payroll low and continue to collect the luxury tax. That is a profitable business model. Unfortunately, teams at the lower third of the payroll scale do not go to the World Series. Just look at the numbers. That may be good enough for you Chris, but don't deceive the public with dream scenarios that will never happen until the A's make a financial commitment to do what it takes to win, not just compete.

Posted by GPatton on 10/23/2019 at 9:32 AM

Re: “Rooted or Uprooted in Oakland?

City of Oakland residents and sports fans endured farcical sports team owners like Lew Wolff (A's) and Marc Davis (Raiders). The A's should be applauded for it's obvious sincere effort to keep the team in Oakland. However, that should not be confused as support for how they are steam rolling the incredibly naive and irresponsible Mayor and City Council. It was clear from the beginning of this process that major league baseball and the A's are laser focused on the Howard Terminal site and will do whatever necessary to get what they and their advertisers desire. At the end of the day, the best site for a new stadium from an economic and fiscal responsibility perspective is the Coliseum site. However, that site as the primary location for a new park was never seriously considered. The A's floated out a score of expensive architectural renderings of a high tech Howard Terminal ballpark and are intent on making the conversation a beauty contest. In addition to the access and regulatory issues at Howard Terminal, workers at the Port of Oakland oppose the project. It will compromise the operation of the biggest economic engine in the City.The City is also prepared to ignore over 30 years of land use and fiscal decisions aggregating the Coliseum property for a new stadium. The mere fact that just this week, the City of Oakland sued the A's and Alameda County illustrates the level of political incompetence at play. In response to the lawsuit filed by the City Council, the Mayor makes public statements that clearly show that they are not even on the same page. This lack of leadership and incompetence at the top levels does not bode well for the ability of these people to negotiate a favorable community benefits package for the citizens. If they give away the store again (like the Raiders deal) they should all pay the price at the ballot box.

Posted by GPatton on 10/02/2019 at 6:08 AM

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