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Re: “Fillmore Jazz Festival's "Cattle Call" Raises Concerns About Musician Pay

I"d also like to encourage all musicians in this area, regularly performing Jazz, Latin and R&B, to get to know Stephanie Dalton. Her efforts to make this public, and protect the interests of the friends, and music she loves, are nothing short of heroic.
She emails a weekly newsletter I think all gig warriors should check out.
email her to receive it!


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Posted by Papamalo on 07/10/2010 at 1:22 AM

Re: “Fillmore Jazz Festival's "Cattle Call" Raises Concerns About Musician Pay

As a 35-year veteran of nearly every large club and Musical Genre in the bay area, with four California music awards, and over 3500 gigs under my belt, and speaking on behalf of me and mine, I find it vastly offensive that any so-called "promoter" or "agent" would even consider attempting to pay musicians so little.

But it's out fault and the blame falls on none other

Musicians in this area, while being some of the most brilliant minds musically and artistically on the planet, are still some of the most bunker mentality, no-business understanding, most backbiting, and least organized musicians in the entire country.
"Promoters", "Agents" and "Managers", all know this well, and come here from around the country to take advantage of our scene, one that was paid for with the blood sweat and tears of over 7 generations of musicians, which include some of the founders of rock and roll itself, as well as Jazz, and Latin music, and the entire club music scene which has it's roots in SF' and Oakland's prohibition-era speakeasies.
We have pedigree and linage. and one that deserves some respect.

I have been exceedingly lucky myself in the music business, however many of my more talented brothers and sisters, have lived in a lifestyle of starving artist chic, because they did not want to embrace one hard, cold fact.

This. Is a business. Period.
The art you say? that's the spiritual part. the beauty, and sacredness of it, resonates through the world from this place, so famous for the musicians that have come from here, and the ideas that were spawned here.

But, the minute you take your art to market you become a businessperson.
Protect yourself. Learn about business, know who is behind gigs, do the math, ask about the numbers. Do your own gigs.

And remember, there is also a time to not gig.
When the machine is so odious, and so toxic, that it would take that which is a sacrament to us all, and make it fodder for carpetbaggers like Restivo, "Management" people like Ben Yonas, and outright thieves like Happy Sanchez, then that, is a time to really step back and take reality into account.
This is a time of change.


Long live the NEW musician. (I believe we have a battle hymn)

Unbowed, with great love and admiration for those who came before, and and those who will come after me,

Piero Amadeo Infante

Posted by Papamalo on 07/10/2010 at 1:07 AM

Re: “Children of Om

Anyone wanting to contact me regarding "OM" please feel free to do so.
there is a rapidly growing group of his ex-victims, and we are interested in anyone who has come into contact with this dangerous brainwashing cult that preys on women and children.

Posted by Papamalo on 04/10/2010 at 4:17 PM

Re: “Children of Om

Therapy, group and one on one, some deprogramming, and get her away from this area.

Meanwhile, I have a little surprise for "OM"

Posted by Papamalo on 03/18/2010 at 3:03 AM

Re: “Letters for January 20

Powder Keg: The truth about Berkeley's failed "progressive program",and the underlying relationship between "progressives" and academic failures at BHS

(Note: in this comment I refer to people sometimes by group, and when
doing so, do not intend to suggest that all liberals, whites, poor people , rich, people Black people , or Hispanics, or any other groups mention are those who I am referring to. I am referring to a particular relationship between specific groups people HERE in Berkeley at this time, and only as it relates to a very specific set of political ideals. thank you)

To LfOD:

That's funny. did my post give you the impression that I was for Cutting Out the Science Labs and rewarding lower achievers?
What I was saying, was the opposite.

By doing this, so called "progressives" put the entire science program at risk, and make the school look like an unfavorable potential recipient of grants and state monies.

that's what I was saying.

The racial achievement gap", ( a powder keg subject nearly no one wants to touch) lies squarely on the shoulders of of parents of the kids who fail academically. Period. and the "racial achievement gap" especially here in Berkeley where there is more support, more money, and more programs for for Kids from poorer families especially African-American kids, is often a reason for Berkeley liberals to do what they always do, which is to act like heroes while they wreck everything in sight in the name if their deluded idea of "progress:


As a person from mixed family (White/black/Latino) who grew up broke, on the west side as a kid, was involved in gangs, and also failed at high school initially, I have watched four decades of "progressive" policy by well-intentioned, if not totally deluded white liberal "progressives" fail misrabely, often to the ruin of all. And STILL the "Left" won't look at itself, or it's policies with anything resembling a critical eye.

"progressives" who think they can promote change without getting deep into the Black Community and Hispanic Community's business, mindsets, cultures, families, and politics are completely misguided. It's like they want change, but really do not want to look at why something needs to be changed in the first place.

The fact is, that there is a war against the minds and lives of Youth of color, and youth of the poorer classes in general, on the part of American corporate media, and legal system which not only poisons their minds, but also promotes racism, homophobia, a consumer mentality, and a TON of old-school saying "He talks like a white person" or "he's putting on airs" because someone speaks proper English, or making fun of someone who gets good grades, or goes to college.These stereotypes are found among poor whites all over the US as well. But here, in the bay area, the poorer classes are by default, mostly black and Hispanic, and these career. and life killing mindsets are the responsibility of PARENTS first, their communities secondly, and their schools thirdly.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that there is every opportunity here for people of color so long as their parents and communities support them which they often don't. this is particularly true in the African American and Hispanic communities here in Berkeley. It's just true and everyone knows it.

If people want to excel, and break out of a system that requires thousands of Black and Hispanic men become prisoners as part of a multi billion dollar industry, the first thing they should do is get their kids off corporate media, (owned entirely by White far right fundamentalist Christians who have no love for people of color) take part in their kid's lives, and QUIT RELYING ON SO-CALLED "PROGRESSIVES"
This dependent relationship between white "liberals" and communities of color, has corrupted not only people on the "left" (who desperately need to feel like heroes, and desire to look, "revolutionary" for helping Black , and Hispanic people regardless of what kind of "help" they are "helping" with and whether it's actually helping at all) but also communities of color that need to be DIRECTLY involved in the school system, the school board, assemblies and any other aspect of their kids schooling. Instead, many Parents of color whose kids fail at school, blame the system, and then, so called "liberals" run around trying to put a bandage on it without addressing the root causes.

Decade after decade it fails. four decades in a row now. more dropouts, more crime, more men and women of color go to prison, fail high school, and no one wants to take a look at the greater causes.
How can anyone call that "progressive"?
what's progressing?

It's definitely not the interests of kids of color going to places like Berkeley high. Their interests are not being protected or progressed at all.

What it amounts to is a time honored, self aggrandizing, mutual back patting ritual that is a tradition if the white "Liberal left" here in Berkeley. and its shameful, and it needs to change.
You can't buy, legislate, grant, or decree change and progress.
It must be worked for by everyone involved, and that includes People, parents, and kids of color. History bears out this statement.

This "politically correct" progressive monopoly on morals that votes to close down extra science classes in the name of "racial equality" has brought together some of the worst elements of all these communities, from those declaring their victimhood, and blaming their kid's academic failures on anything and everything but their own actions, to those upper-class and upper middle-class "progressives" who wish to be the heroes of this tragedy, but who really do not know, understand, or seriously involve themselves with communities of color at all.
Parents of BHS kids really need to get their act together.

All over the united states millions of black and Hispanic parents teach their kids strong academic values, and their kids go to colleges, and get degrees, and get better lives, but liberals seem to somehow dislike those examples, (often because they come from families with conservative values) and never cite them because the truth is, that they are not needed by this segment of Black and Hispanic America. and it doesn't serve the emotional needs of the "left" in Berkeley or northern California's more "liberal" communities.

I have often said that liberals here LOVE a black person who is having a hard time, even if that person is a criminal, poor achiever, or academic failure, but they HATE a Black PHd. and they REALLY hate ultra successful black businesspeople, which is strange since so many of them are successful business people themselves. I've seen it hundreds of times.
It's a romantic notion that only hey, "white liberal progressives" can somehow save the day, and make up for 400 years of oppression with the stroke of a pen or the establishment of a trust, or through a school meeting.

It's time for this failed toxic charade to end.

For the record, I am a hardcore leftist, just not a "Berkeley Progressive", I detest the Racist and homophobic, republican party and have involved myself for decades raising money for schools, doing benefits, mentoring, and conflict resolution, often on a street level, and know the folly of the "left" here, probably better than anyone.

Piero Amadeo Infante

Posted by Papamalo on 01/30/2010 at 5:32 PM

Re: “Letters for January 20

Sad.As usual, my city will choose anything that looks "progressive"over anything that is actually so.
I count this as another victory for the right, who crave to eliminate science completely from the available resources offered to poor people, and people of color.
This city is sick and much in need of medicine.

Posted by Papamalo on 01/20/2010 at 8:41 PM

Re: “Children of Om

More power to both you for staying on this topic. why was one of these comments deleted?


Posted by Papamalo on 01/15/2010 at 4:06 PM

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