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Re: “READER CONTEST: Help Robert Gammon Find a New Life's Mission

Gasman should go to jail. Your hooker-paid-for rag is the only one that allows unsubstantiated, unproven, slander like what he's spewed. Of course my consolation is knowing Gasmon and The Eastbay Expresstosh#t will reap all the rewards of a psycho running your little cesspool even further into the ground. GTO baby GTO - Goodbye to Oakland. The boycott has begun.

Posted by getitrite on 11/16/2010 at 11:37 AM


And I bet that Robert Gasman is jerking off in front of a mirror right about now. Hope you're proud of yourself, a-hole, you have just helped seal Oakland's death notice. Quan in charge of a city in crisis with rampant crime & unemployment is one plain recipe for disaster. Say hello to your boyfriend Modest Expert - I'm sure his gushing for Tuman will be a big comfort when the city's in flames. Note to modestmoron: "Buy a place in Richmond"? Yeah, I saw that "comeback" you threw at me. Oooooh, what a putdown! How clever! Lameass. I moved out of town already, I couldn't even be in the same area code as that freak Quan. Now I'm soooo happy I dumped this hole.

Posted by getitrite on 11/05/2010 at 5:35 PM

Re: “BREAKING NEWS: Big Hollywood Money for Kaplan Mayoral Campaign

Gee Gammon, I didn't see an accusation of Kaplan being a crook in this piece. I'm baffled. Didn't you say Perata is a crook for taking IE money & shoving the campaign over the limit? But for Kaplan, it's ok? A PS to the ever-pathetic Max Allstadt, please please give it up. I cannot take one more candidate's staffer blathering utter nonsense as if we're too stupid to know it's not true, or that the ONLY reason you blather it is because you are on the payroll of that candidate. "Tied in this race"?????? It really won't matter if Prop 19 passes or not, you must have already smoked all the weed in California.

Posted by getitrite on 10/31/2010 at 10:07 PM

Re: “25 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Vote for Don Perata

Modestfreak, aka Robert Gammon or his boyfriend, it's hilarious you'd suggest a do-nothing like Kaplan or a psycho like Quan can help Oakland. But then, when I said I'm leaving this dump because of liars like you &Gasman, you thought my only option was to move to poor, foreclosed upon Richmond. Oakland was a dump when I first moved out of here 20 years ago. Moving back 6 years ago I have seen the small-minded, closed-door clique that is the bastion of "alternative" rags like EBE (Note to Gasmon: Stop calling EBE a newspaper. It is NOT even close. Newspapers aren't funded by cash payments from hookers & pimps for their "escort service" ads). You are the lazy ones, you look for a salacious headline and - my favorite - the FRESH option for a mayor and refuse to report anything decent an already-elected official has done. Of course. Because it's the fashion to rip anyone in office, especially if they aren't women who look like men - or vice versa - or a minority with a funny name, or a quirkly never-been-elected-but-once-taught-poli-sci candidate (gee, wouldn't it make a GREAT classroom experiment to actually HOLD office instead of just pointing out politicians in textbooks?!) In other words, as long as their out of the norm in some way, they MUST be a great choice cuz damn, they're just so NEW and DIFFERENT!! Gasman's bias is understandable, if you don't know the secret history between him & Perata, just ask him. It's uglier than he is & he's used his personal anger at Perata over the incident to ream him under the guise of journalism - unforgiveable. The rest of the sheep just follow, never asking "Hey, why nothing about Kaplan's AC Transit disaster? Why nothing about Quan's illegal campaigning using her city office, staff and money? Why nothing about Tuman's total grasp of the issues and lack of any experience outside his head in a book?" Why? Because it's just so easy to pick up on the non-proven but sexy headlines & run with it. Well, that's perfect. Because running is something you'll all get real familiar with soon. Running for your loser lives. I used to work in the news business and it's stunning how much crap you guys get away with, all in the name of personal hatred. Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck are beaming somewhere over their progeny.

Posted by getitrite on 10/15/2010 at 3:08 PM

Re: “Fresh Face Or Old Guard?

Wow, I had no idea how many of Tumans friends were unemployed and so totally lacking in anything in their lives. They spend every waking minute supporting this guy. I'm appalled at the ignorance of the readers but disgusted by the press. Oakland looks like it'll be saddled with another do-nothing, know-nothing Mayor, thanks to all you A-holes who think "Fresh!" equals "Get it done". The fact that some major outlets are quoting this pimp-paid for rag says it all about Oakland. You people can live with the crap that's about to hit the fan when Kaplan or Quan win this thing. I have already informed my family we are outta here by end of the year. I'm not sinking with this ship of fools.

Posted by getitrite on 10/15/2010 at 1:10 AM

Re: “Perata Refuses to List Job Title on Ballot

Gammon, you need serious psychiatric help. I've lost count on how many "articles" (wacko rants) you've put up about Perata. It's gone past pathetic and now entered stalker/slander territory. You have clearly got a personal vendetta about this guy. Over the past 4 years that I've gone back and looked at the hatchet jobs you've written, at least 75% of your "work" (haha, that's a good one) are aimed at Perata. Out of that you've said he'd be (a) indicted, (b) lose his office, (c) never get elected, and (d) just generally burn in hell. If you think he hasn't got a chance of winning, why do you spend so much time on him? Why do you go to the extreme of shoving a nobody, done-nothing like Rebecca Kaplan down Oakland's throat? There is something really wrong with you. (Here's where you jump in and post under a fake name and pretend you're a concerned citizen who thinks I'M nuts. Tell it to the hookers coming in to pay cash for your ad space)

Posted by getitrite on 10/15/2010 at 1:05 AM

Re: “The Perata Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight

"Getitrite should get a life."

I have a life, you loser, one that includes REAL life, REAL facts and not just a sick obsession. You call my questioning Gammon's using the face of journalism to pursue a personal vendetta about a public figure a "screed". REALLY? This is a guy who has been consistently WRONG in every accusation of Perata over the past decade - where is the accountability? And what gives YOU the right to call Perata corrupt?
Dishonest? Let alone incompetent. No charges filed, no indictment, no trial - despite Gammon repeatedly predicting all of the above. Now you - who I truly believe are Gammon faking yet another stupid anonymous commenter-pose - call Perata incompetent. Right, he got to be Senate President by being incompetent. He passed milestone legislation on a variety of issues by being incompetent. What do YOU do for a living? Exactly - not a damn thing.

It is not MY fault Gammon is a pathetic excuse for a journalist who embarasses those of us who actually work, or worked, in the news business. We were actually required to have proof before accusing anyone of crimes, but of course public figures don't count anymore, just sling the sh$t and let it stick where it lands.

I especially love this hillbilly "thems the facts" comment. WHERE? WHAT "FACTS"?????????????? Proof. Evidence. Data. You are a liar, and have a grudge against someone who has made something of his life and you haven't. Your screed against me, and Perata, is embarrasing. Your corruption of the public trust and your clumsiness in repeating unsubstantiated gossip are your fault, the the lame rag EBE that passes in some circles as "journalism". YOUR fault. Not Perata. Not me. And
now everybody knows it.

See how easy it is to juxtapose your rant with yours & Gammon's names in place of mine & Perata? I didn't give a rat's a$$ about the mayor's race, or Perata, until I started hearing what Gammon has been doing for years. I am sick to death of everyone in the media being able to say what they want with no repercussions - the rest of us would be sued. Gammon should not only be sued but banned from journalism. He's got some kind of mental problem that needs addressing - ironically, any help he'd get from the state would likely be thanks to Don Perata who passed the best legislation to help the mentally ill in about 40 years. I can't wait til November when he's voted Mayor just so I can add another "Gammon wrong again" column to my collection - now YOU, Loser-Loggins get to be part of that collection. Congratulations. Now go collect your unemployment check.

Posted by getitrite on 08/17/2010 at 3:56 PM

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