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Re: “Merritt College Nursing Woes

Dad make sure you capitalize the letter when you start a sentence. I know you probably took all night to write your essay but practice what you preach.



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Posted by nursing on 10/23/2008 at 1:32 AM

Re: “Merritt College Nursing Woes

Thats what we're doing dad ;) period

Posted by nursing on 10/23/2008 at 1:23 AM

Re: “Merritt College Nursing Woes


I was told by a nurse recruiter from Kaiser that they don't hire Merritt Grads due to issues in the past. Its funny you mention that.

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Posted by nursing on 10/23/2008 at 12:15 AM

Re: “Merritt College Nursing Woes

RN2008 -

I had a 74%! I didn't have the option to sign a contract and stay in the program. THATS BULLSHIT! Just more proof of Merritt working the system to get there money. I'm so happy your a survivor and made it through the BOOTCAMP! Is that what the call it BOOTCAMP COMMUNITY COLLEGE! I can't wait to see you as a nurse taking orders from a doctor. I bet you carry that merritt attitude right out into the workforce. Its just so funny to me this attitude. PEOPLE AREN'T COMPLAINING THEY ARE INFORMING PEOPLE NOT TO MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE. RN2008 is an example of how these people work. So if you like BOOTCAMP as Ms. Mamadrama puts it apply to Merritt College. You can't miss it, its the cement block on the hill.

Again people are informing others not complaining, not making excuses. I studied into the am's up until the last test what a shame and waste of time. I hope people don't make the same mistake I did. But hell if you like BOOTCAMP and want to attend a school that has no equipment and nothing but attitude and excuses dive right in.

All my friends attending nursing school at Samuel Merritt, SF State, Chabot, Contra Costa are mystified by this program and its organization.

Posted by nursing on 10/23/2008 at 12:04 AM

Re: “Merritt College Nursing Woes

openmindednonjudgemental & Ropadope -

First of all you weren't in our class! You guys are completely taking this the wrong way. I know your so proud of your dysfunctional junior college, but to put it simply there was a lot of smart people that simply got screwed. The first semester for your class had a lot less requirements. We had new requirements and a new book. The fact is they didn't have enough staff for this class. They worked the system to build the program which is very necessary but very ILLEGAL. After researching and calling other programs I've found them to be much better equipped and the structure of the programs are much different and built for success. Fundamentals in one month come on. Its not all on the teachers so get over it. And what's with correcting peoples grammar? Come on people are venting thats the last thing on their mind. All these stories are true. And there is a lot of smart individual confused by what just happened. Most of these people worked in healthcare, had BA's, and were not working. They were completely focused. AGAIN REMEMBER YOU WEREN'T IN THIS YEARS CLASS. And I'm sorry but most of this is directed at the program not the teachers so Im to sure where your coming from. I would hate to see them work the system again and have over 70 people out of work and screwed in the midst of a RECESSION. So yes be proud and get your AA hell I'm proud of you I'll attend our graduation but I wouldn't let you care for me in a hospital. I just don't want people to make the same mistake I made. Just a nickels worth of free advice to all those thinking about applying and I just talked to a nurse recruiter that said to go for a BA or a Masters the nursing market is getting saturated and a lot of hospitals aren't hiring AA's unless you went to CCC or Chabot. I'm taking my 3.5 and BA to SAMUEL MERRITT. Thats crazy I have a 3.5, a BA, and 5 years of healthcare experience and I got kicked out of a JC. Wow. Please don't pass judgement and act like the requirements and the students were idiots. The people in my study group were very capable and smart with lots of work experience. So pls pls pls don't try an act like these people weren't capable that just hits the wrong nerve with me and its very off color. And like I said before THEY SAID THIS WAS A CLASS WITH THE HIGHEST MARKS. I would name the administrators name who told me this but it just wouldn't be right.

Part of me thinks you guys are the teachers trying to save face. All the 2nd years I know are studying right now or have no idea about this article.

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Posted by nursing on 10/22/2008 at 11:41 PM

Re: “Merritt College Nursing Woes

First and foremost Ms. anonymous use your critical thinking skills - your a second year student and guess what a second year student is not a first year student and this ARTICLE IS ENTIRELY ACCURATE AND THERES MORE. Unless you attend our lectures? So hold on to your LVN book you used for your first semester and be thankful. I know your proud of your little unorganized junior college but you weren't in this years class and you obviously don't understand. So go insert a catheter on yourself, Oh way you don't have any in your lab maybe try Samuel Merritt or tell the staff to use their funding they ripped off from the state.

Its nice to see the students enrolled and graduates scramble to the side of Merritt High School on the hill. I'm sorry you can't defend this program this year. Its great you got in and passed the NCLEX your first time but there is a lot of issues with this program. I have a masters degree and was unable to pass the first three test at the percent they wanted. I actually heard you guys had an LVN book for your tests and only need a 70% to pass, boy do I wish I was you. Most of the students on the bubble like myself were more then capable. After talking with a number of 2nd years I'm under the impression that there was some new issues this year and some behind the scenes action "ILLEGAL ACTION" going on with staff. In fact they would not drop out questions that were wrong on the 2nd test, but on the final test they dropped 2 questions so they could get there magic number of 40 students. Hell the final test was fair! There was no reason to drop any questions. This was the plan from the beginning folks. This is illegal and hope someone takes the time to punish this program. They definitely should not of had the number of students admitted. Teachers were showing up late to lecture by 30-45 minutes, no lab equipment to practice with, powerpoint presentations outlining the old book not the new book, four hour lectures covering 10 pages of material, professors unable to answer there own questions correctly, and some teachers did not read the book. I finally started skipping lecture and just studied and thats when I finally started passing the test but unfortunately it was to late. Some people skipped more class allowed by the state board of nursing and are still in the program. I was actually told at the beginning of the program that this was the smartest class entering Merritt college. Guess who told me the administer of the program. Now they say the huge drop rate was due to them dropping the gpa requirements. BULLSHIT. These people will say anything. I just hope they get organized and that nobody else has to experience this mess. Action needs to be taken so other people don't quit there great jobs, take out loans, drop everything and find out what a joke this program is.

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Posted by nursing on 10/22/2008 at 8:55 PM

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