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Re: “Alameda Theater, the Sequel


Welcome back to Alameda. You'll never want to leave now, its fantastic.

Alexander Frank Goldberg

Posted by Al on 05/23/2008 at 1:53 AM

Re: “Alameda Theater, the Sequel


I don't think its typical, I responded to your comments because I see nothing but a free pass by anti-theater minions in newspapers since you hide behind preservation, but at no sense of cost. I don't hate you, I don't hate people who have opposing views, but I get furious when I see pandering without solutions. This is about the theater and Park Street, you have provided no solutions for Park Street that are financially sound; that is exactly what I meant when I said that you are essentially for ZERO sales tax revenue to recover from the loss of the auto dealers. Even then, you have no solution for the parking, because we all know your opinion of any garage.

I never said a small renovation would cost 40 million, but it would have still been in the millions due to the fact that theater was in such a state of disrepair. My words are in black and white, copy and paste and use quotation marks if you have to. To restore a one screen theater would not have been feasible. You are pandering when you suggest that it could be done on a smaller scale, when in fact its a miracle the original building is still standing in the final design. You are either for the theater project or your not, this isn't a story out of The Majestic, in which the theater needed a coat of paint and some light bulbs.

This theater project was to give a greater quality of life for Alamedans. Park Street is the focus, not Alameda Point. You can "advocate" all you want for more businesses, but in reality they are not skipping across the bridges to come here. Businesses are tightening their belts, if you think you are going to get more corporate offices out here right now, please bring a camera with you when you sit in the office of a venture capitalist and list your demands, I'd love to see the reaction. Why would businesses build right now when the real estate market has plummeted and they can pluck any building or floor that they want?

By the way, you make Harbor Bay Parkway sound like outer Mongolia, but in fact those businesses and offices benefit from their close proximity to the Airport and the two minute drive to the Nimitz. There is a strategic reason as to why they are there.

I was at the theater tonight, its something the people want, it has transformed Park Street in a single evening. How can someone be so against an immaculate addition to our city and for some inane ideas as building a University that has no market? If you think more regional chain store type colleges are the answer than there is a serious disconnect as to what would be beneficial to the children of Alameda. No college started today could even begin to compete for applications with the colleges that I previously listed. Regional campuses often have minimal part time instructors and offer evening courses only, they are meant for working adults.

David, you proved my point about identity. My point is valid no matter who you think or assumed I am. I would have replied to your comment if it was written by a handle like funkybean909. I am against your hypocritical views of Alameda, and if you think it matters whether I was in fact some hired goon of the mayor or some hobo using the internet connection at the Alameda Public Library, then thats classism. You should be able and willing to defend your points no matter who comes at you. I'm sure the reason that you pray I was a crony of the mayor is that you fancy yourself as someone important. But you know the truth, and thats why you don't have a hits tracker on your website, or you might just find out your grassroots movement is just weeds. Speaking of identity, you hide the "five board members" behind Action Alameda, what the hell is that? Your calling for transparent government and you don't even have a transparent organization. The only thing revealed about them is that they are not elected officials and you celebrate it, but what the hell is stopping you? If you believe in your plan so much, then run. Elections are won by people who aren't scared to lose.

I am nothing more than Joe Public, Man on the Street, I stumbled onto this article looking for the theater website to buy tickets. Your smug little emoticon in your first post is what set me off. And don't act like you are on the moral high ground, you've been down here in the mud with me the entire time.

-Alexander Frank Goldberg, Typical Vial Spewing Hater & Internet Lackey of the Mayor

Posted by Al on 05/23/2008 at 1:49 AM

Re: “Alameda Theater, the Sequel


You are right, there is only so much revenue a city can bring in, but your solution is that if its not enough, bring in ZERO revenue. The dealerships are leaving, its been the backbone of Alameda for decades, but you offer no alternatives, just your pie in the sky "university".

Here is a list for you David:

UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, UC Hastings, Cal State East Bay, San Francisco State, JFK University, Mills College, Holy Names, University of San Francisco, and Saint Mary's of CA just to name a few within a short drive of Alameda (most of those schools have regional campuses across the Bay Area. Where is the marketplace for another University? Do you have any understanding of the infrastructure it would take to bring in a college to Alameda? Where are they going to park? Oh my god, lets start protesting the UC Alameda parking garage because its going to block the view of the San Francisco skyline.

You seem to be against "low wage" jobs but you don't get that these are jobs for people just starting their lives. Lets raise a community of children in Alameda, and send them elsewhere, because your Alameda is for people over 40. There are a wide range of jobs in Alameda. Its called BAY FARM, on HARBOR BAY PARKWAY!!! There is still to this day undeveloped real estate out there and the buildings that are there aren't at 100% capacity. But no, lets build more offices on the far end of the island.

I think its funny you call me an "internet lackey" when you are the one dropping links and propaganda to promote your website. If someone doesn't agree with your website they are automatically a lackey. Because no one could have come to the conclusion that your dream of a revolving door dilapidated small business Park Street of the 90's is not an ideal place to live. Or maybe I should call you a PPIC lackey? It has the same amount of sting as connecting me to the mayor, who I think has done a great job for the city, as does a "majority" of voters.

Alamedans were not spending their money in Alameda, the theater will bring in more stores, some of them chains (oh my God, the humanity!). Were not talking about an "increase" in retail but establishing it. Is that so bad, a chain store, or should we keep our "town identity" of hollowed out bars across town that still wreak of Anchor Steam and hooker spit.

My points are still valid whether you know my name or not. You didn't answer me at all when I questioned the logic of just rebuilding the theater without the addition. It was either the "mega"plex or nothing at all, but some people just like to start websites and complain about it. Just the fact that you'd focus on my name and not the issue, and only come back with links about studies that were NOT FOCUSED ON ALAMEDA proves that you are a hack. It's a freaking message board, I didn't know I had leave a social security number.

Alexander Frank Goldberg, Encinal High School Class of 1998

Posted by Al on 05/22/2008 at 10:56 AM

Re: “Alameda Theater, the Sequel


That makes a lot of sense, paying the exorbitant sum to resurrect the theater and not build the "mega"plex addition. Without the additional screens, the City of Alameda would still have spent millions on the project bringing the neglected structure that was knee high in pigeon crap up to code, leaving a business that would have the same amount of profitability as Central Cinema. This theater is going to serve the community well, no longer will potential tax revenue of Alamedans be squandered at Bay Street or Jack London Square. You have to spend money to make money.

My problem with your argument "most people only wanted the historic theatre restored" is that if anyone thought that reopening a small screen dinosaur was a feasible idea than it would have been done decades ago, because "most people" would have been all for it. If "most people" were against the project, Mayor DeHaan and the Keep it Blightiful Committee would be in power.

And for the garage, all I can say is that it is as good as a garage can be, its a building for cars, should we add balconies and a terrace? The people who complain most about the price can't spend enough on this garage. The biggest eyesore in Alameda is the view from the Park Street Bridge, looking on Park and Buena Vista and seeing bumper to bumper traffic all the way to Otis. But if you are all for idle gas emissions, then go ahead and knock the sucker down.

When the opening credits start for Indiana Jones, we'll see where "most people" are. I'm betting that they will be in the seats of the theater, and not in the espresso bar of your one story ivory tower.

-From the supposed minority

Posted by Al on 05/21/2008 at 2:14 PM

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