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Re: “Crime Is Down, But Dellums Isn't Up

Dellums is also responsible for global warming, the dissolution of the Icelandic government, and the poor performance by the Raiders. He's just evil.

Posted by Oakland Resident on 03/31/2010 at 3:52 PM

Re: “Letters for December 9

People have made assumptions about you, Max, because you and your supporters have made many assumptions about others, including a whole neighborhood. If Diallo is reponsible for the e-mail, he deserves to have his backside soundly kicked. However, the ugliness that these allegations have uncovered are frankly more disturbing than the accusations against Diallo. Newcomers with no sense of history, let me introduce to the oldtimers who do.

Posted by Oakland Resident on 12/11/2009 at 2:47 PM

Re: “You Don't Know Jack

Like I said, some folks in Oakland just have nothing but contempt for black people. Masquerading as a black person online to defend or denounce Diallo is completely transparent.

Your Muslim Bakery, Minister Bey, and his minions were engaged in organized crime. The comparison of Diallo to Bey smacks of something like all black people are criminals. Diallo doesn't get a defense from me because, unlike the experts who don't know what happened but have posted here, I don't know what happened. I do know that nothing Diallo is accused of comes close to the reign of terror perpetrated by the Bey clan. That anyone could lump them together is just another example of associated guilt by skin color.

Posted by Oakland Resident on 12/01/2009 at 10:34 AM

Re: “You Don't Know Jack

I don't know what happened to Max Allstadt, I don't know what kind of person Mr. Diallo is and I don't live in West Oakland. If Mr. Diallo did what he is accused of doing, he should get a swift kick in the butt and whatever else the legal system has to offer.

However, the tone of this discussion regarding a cultural center in West Oakland is disgusting. Where am I, 1955 Keep Running Mississppi?

I do know that there is a segment of Oakland residents who seem to really despise black people and have no interest in communicating or working collaboratively with black folks on anything. We are all welfare cheats, scamming con artists, criminals, we contribute nothing to Oakland, and we should all just leave. Whatever accomplishments we can claim are undeserved by us. These people post all over town on this blog or that comments section about the despicable black power structure, etc. Go back to the motherland? Isn't that the same as going back to Africa? If this kind of attitude is what is behind the bad blood between Allstadt and Diallo, no wonder there is a problem.

The lovely thing about the truth is that it almost always lies halfway between two tales. I anxiously await the outcome of this little dustup to see who ends up with the most mud on their face.

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Posted by Oakland Resident on 11/30/2009 at 4:16 PM

Re: “JR Valrey Is an Agent Provocateur

I'm black and female so that qualifies me as someone who can peg this article as full of shite. The only thing that is worth taking away from this article (and many of the letters that follow) is to note how little value black females have in the so-called black community. The girl who was raped is considered a McGuffin by the author and the letter writers. The DNA evidence apparently fabricated in some magical way. It's like Your Black Muslin Bakery. As long as Minister Bey was helping black MEN, it was just fine that he was raping little girls on a regular basis.

One day black women will collectively grow a pair and leave jackals like Valrey to back up his own empty words with actions. Because we know that "brothas" like this leave the heavy lifting to women. (Note the Million Man March and the fact that it would not have happened if it had been left up to black men to organize it.)

Deliver me from aging white hippies who don't live in high crime areas and believe they are sticking it to the man by propping up a loud mouth like Valrey. In fact, the people who pay the price for the worthless Uhuru House rhetoric are hard working people of color who have to live amongst the Lovell Mixons that these so called activists call heroes. That any self respecting black woman could be a part of this rhetoric makes her a traitor to her race and her sex.

I truly look forward to the day that white activists/anarchists fight racism where it counts, in white neighborhoods, not in East Oakland. Once these trust fund brats are done slumming, they go home to mommy and daddy and the youth of color are left to clean up their mess.

I further look forward to the day that black men stand up for black females and make it clear that raping little girls is not only not tolerated but carries a very high price. In South Africa, they use to “necklace” traitors. They put kerosene soaked tires around the neck of a traitor and set it on fire. That’s what should have happened to Lovell Mixon, and all the fools who hailed him as a hero.

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Posted by Maceo St Francis on 04/14/2009 at 12:43 PM

Re: “Letters for April 2

Only an idiot would believe that TJ's on the splash pad is a more appropriate site than the present locaiton on Lakeshore. Reuse of exisitng facilities is more energy efficient in the long run. Also, locating TJs on Lakeshore minimizes traffic congestion by concentrating shopping trips in one location so that people don't have to drive from one location to another. This is really complicated, like rocket science, for developers and their minions who just want to blindly build something on any available lot in Oakland whether it makes sense or not. Anyone who opposes a project is called anti devleopment when in fact opposing a grocery store on the splash pad is being anti moronic.

The fascination with Plazola is his conflict of interest while an aide to De La Fuente that was swept under the rug and that everyone pretends never happened. He reminds me of a used car salesman. I wouldn't buy anything from him, De La Fuente, or Perata. The whiff of corruption is ever present with this crew. In any other city, Plazola, Batarse (the Port Official who doesn't live in Oakland) and the rest would have been investigated. In Oakand, it's just business as ususal.

Posted by Maceo St Francis on 04/08/2008 at 11:24 AM

Re: “Party 2 Nite. R U Going?

I've read the first couple pages of comments and am struck by a couple of things:

(1) An obsession with blacks blaming white for [fill in the blank] and

(2) What incredibly poor language skills high school students have.

Most victims of crime perpetrated by blacks are other black people. Period.

I don't really hear much in this discussion about making parents responsible for their offspring. You can get mad at the kids for what they do but it's parents who should be held accountable and in some cases put in jail for their dereliction as parents. If your dog kills a person, you are held responsible. If your kid kills someone, the blame is shifted to rap music, or outsiders, or some other nonsense.

The mother who posted earlier begging other parents not to undo her hard work has my sympathy. It's the parents who have no spine who deserve a swift dick in the backside. Make parents do community service, make them give up a few days of their precious work to make restitution along with their kids, and this baloney will stop. It's amazing how easy it is to grow a spine when YOU are held responsible and have to be inconvenienced to atone for your kids actions.

The only satisfaction I take is that these witless parents will be stuck with their kids living at home until the parents die because these kids will be unable to do take care of themselves. Continue to make excuses for your kids when they're young and you will be making your retirement plans around supporting your middle-aged children (and your grandchildren)..

Posted by Maceo St Francis on 01/30/2008 at 10:18 AM

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