Richard Isacoff 
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I started my working life at my dad’s auto salvage yard and became proficient at cutting cars with an oxy/acetylene torch. The work was strenuous but rewarding, especially if I wanted a ride home! I started my career in banking in 1973 and remained in the banking industry until 1991 when I entered private law practice. During that time, I served as In House Counsel and as a Senior or Executive Vice President for several banks becoming President of Concord Savings Bank, FSB in 1988. In 1980, I served as In House Counsel and a Senior Director for Aspen Systems Corporation of Rockville, MD, which was a ground breaker in the field of computerization of litigation files. In 1982, I returned to banking and became Senior Vice President of Provident Bank of Maryland, where I also served as In House Counsel. During 1986, after the collapse of the Maryland Savings and Loan Industry, I worked for the State of Maryland and with the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation to salvage failed S & Ls. My work succeeded in resurrecting the S & Ls I managed, and resulted in the determination of why the institutions failed. In 1988, at the request of investors, I formed and opened a new Federal Savings Bank with a major thrust of its business in the area of residential mortgages. Moving back to New England in 1989 for family reasons, I joined Bank of New England-West and managed its Trust Department (assets exceeded $150 million) and the Loan Workout Department with a classified loan portfolio exceeding $75 million. Since November of 1991 I have maintained a general practice of law dealing with such matters as bankruptcy, real estate matters, and estates. During the housing crisis I have spent 60% of my time saving house, getting 6 back post-foreclosure and dealing with 35-40 others in a Bankruptcy setting. I have an 80%+ rate of success getting modifications, partly because I was a banker, an partly because I will wait on hold for 2 hours if necessary. I have been married for 41 years - my wife having been a student teacher at my high school, and have a daughter and grandson living in Wales, UK

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