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Dexter is one great dog — a Parson Russell Terrier, active, super intelligent and loving. His first human mom died very unexpectedly while traveling. He was then fostered by her dog park friends, all expert dog moms, including the owner/editor of Bark. His foster moms put Jody, his hopeful new mom, through the gamut of compatibility tests before letting her take her new best friend home. Dexter loves squirrels. He (literally) dreams of catching one someday. He has an odd preference for playing with kids and total strangers, gets insane over a good squeaky toy, and lives to go camping and dig holes.

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Iggy aka "Iggy Monster" is a highly active, overly friendly Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He is probably mixed with another breed, but no one seems to know for sure. He is named after Golden State Warrior Andre Iguodala. Roxanne (the Express Art Director) regularly dog-sits Iggy, who was adopted by her roommate. He loves to go on walks and spend his time outdoors. He is (literally) scared of paperwork and is the worst guard dog ever, but he's super cute.

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A family discovered Bernie wandering around a Stockton parking lot in 2011. He was just a few months old. Eventually, Bernie ended up at the Cosumnes River College vet school, where he lived for nearly a year. Express editor Nick Miller rescued him in 2012 (and changed his name from “Sir Marvin Puggles” to Bernie, after the popular Oakland A’s rally dance). Yes, his tongue always hangs out. No, it doesn’t get too dry. No, he's not the dog from Men In Black. Bernie enjoys sleeping … and more sleeping. He charges $5 for selfie photos. Find more photos on Instagram with the hashtag #BernieThePug. 

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Krystal Wowo
Krystal is the sweetest and kindest fluffy white pomeranian. She was adopted in Orange County, by Nick Wong, when her owner no longer wanted her because she wasn't "show quality" due to her imperfect teeth. Krystal loves warm weather and sunbathing (so typically SoCal…), burrowing in the bed sheets, and giving puppy dog eyes for food. Her middle name, "Wowo," comes from the term that Chinese babies use for dogs. Her instagram is @krystal_wowo.

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