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Issue Archive for the Week of Mar 18-24, 2009

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News & Opinion

  • The Seven Deadly Sins Diet

    Sure, I know we're all supposed to be acting like grown-ups these days - bucking up, buckling down, toughening up, pulling up our socks, straightening ...
  • Penny Bonuses on Bailout Dollars

    From Washington to Wall Street, Americans are talking bonuses, bonuses, bonuses, specifically the $165 million paid executives at American International Group, which is also the ...
  • Letters for March 18

    Readers sound off on Measure Y, AK Press, Brita recycling, and our theater reviews.
  • Cramer vs. Blamer

    I would be underestimating to say 50 percent of what is being passed off as "news coverage" on television is actually mere speculation and interpretation. ...

Arts & Culture

  • It's Still Kosher

    At this year's Jewish Music Festival, beatboxing, gospel, and punk rock align with Sephardic traditions.
  • A Galaxy of Art

    Focusing on the Berkeley Art Museum's permanent collection.
  • Return of the Wolff

    Word for Word stages unadulterated Tobias Wolff at Julia Morgan.
  • When Writers Talk

    Top East Bay journalists Cynthia Gorney and Jon Carroll chat at the Rep.
  • Aquarium Age

    For the week of March 18-24, 2009.


  • One-Night Stands

    Repertory film listings for March 19-25, 2009.

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Most Popular Stories

  • Davis Dysfunction Dooms Raiders Again

    Mark Davis’ head-scratching decision to move the team to Las Vegas has proven to be a major distraction for the team.
  • The Wrong Path?

    Paideia helped turn Oakland Tech into the best public high school in the city. But some teachers and parents are worried about the future of the acclaimed humanities program.
  • Why Oakland Should Cut Off ICE

    Federal immigration officials say they've been investigating "human trafficking" in the city. But in the past decade, they have not imprisoned anyone from Oakland for that crime.
  • Jerry Brown's Cap-and-Trade Program Isn't Working

    California's greenhouse gas emissions declined last year. But it was primarily due to the rainy weather — not the governor's climate policies.
  • Highland Hospital Surveillance Stirs Concerns

    The county's main hospital in Oakland has a camera that reads license plates and shares that information with federal law enforcement, including ICE.

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