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Issue Archive for the Week of Jan 28-Feb 3, 2009

News & Opinion

  • The Trouble with Truffles

    Editor Chris Nolan recently sent me a link to a contest being conducted by MarxFoods, a gourmet mail-order company specializing in fresh foods. They're giving...
  • Steve Jobs As Metaphor

    An era - a golden time when the boys of Silicon Valley could do whatever they wanted, whenever it suited them - is coming to...
  • Letters for January 28
  • Letters for January 28

    Readers sound off on the Oakland arts scene, Mayor Dellums, and recycling.

Arts & Culture

  • All Too Human
  • All Too Human

    Three painters depict the oddness of ordinary life.
  • Fish Story

    David Vann's new collection mixes tenderness with blood, guts, and seawater.
  • Dr. Givings' Good Vibrations
  • Dr. Givings' Good Vibrations

    Ancient orgasm-inducing technology is the centerpiece of Sarah Ruhl's new play.
  • Aquarium Age

    For the week of January 28-February 3, 2009.
  • Socks and Cocks

    Solving the mystery of men and strap-ons, male jealousy of vibrators, and the definition of saddlebacking.


  • One-Night Stands

    Repertory film listings for January 29-February 4, 2009.

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