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Issue Archive for the Week of May 3-9, 2006

Best of the East Bay

  • Charity

    Giving to others is a great thing to do even if it takes a nudge.
  • Avarice

    Gordon Gekko brings us up to date on the last two decades of his life.
  • Chastity

    Lock yourself down, or fry trying.
  • Envy

    Human progress depends on it.
  • Generosity

    It's tough to be selfless when you get so much from giving.
  • Gluttony

    Eat Eat Man Woman, and then see a tailor.
  • Meekness

    Inheriting the Earth may not be everything it’s cracked up to be.
  • Lust

    Just what would Dubya do?
  • Moderation

    Work hard, play hard is the motto for 2006.
  • Pride

    It’s pay to play here in Oakland -- politics, not baseball.
  • Sloth

    Tell that robot vacuum cleaner to clean up where the Bomb Pop melted.
  • Modesty

    For low-profile hard work, it’s still hard to top Mac Dre.
  • Zeal

    Live free-trade or die.
  • Wrath

    I hate everything. Okay, I love one thing. Hating.

Special Sections

Arts & Culture


  • Troubled Water

    Deepa Mehta completes her trilogy amid outrage from Hindu fundamentalists.


Most Popular Stories

  • The East Bay's Tow Hustle

    Towing companies are taking cars illegally, and it's costing people. One of the worst offenders is PPI Towing of Oakland.
  • Towing for Dollars in Alameda

    Since 2013, more than 1,400 vehicles have been towed from one West End apartment complex by one company: PPI Towing.
  • Pro-Tenant and Pro-Housing

    East Bay voters made it clear that they favor candidates who advocate not only for more renter protections and more homeless services, but also, more housing.
  • The Problems With Bioplastics

    People mistakenly try to recycle them, thereby contaminating the waste stream. Plus, they're not really compostable.
  • Maejoo Is Small But Mighty

    The modern yet petite San Leandro Korean restaurant offers limited seating and menu options, but delivers on quality and taste.

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