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Issue Archive for the Week of Sep 7-13, 2005

News & Opinion

  • Brugmann's Brain Vomit

    Cleaning up the latest drivel from San Francisco's leading bull-goose loony.
  • Presumed Guilty

    Berkeley busybody sics city on neighbors with off-leash dogs; county residents drip with annoyance over illicit summer ice-cream peddlers.
  • Documents for the Undocumented

    At an Oakland DMV, immigrants could buy a driver's license. The tale of how they did suggests the problem may be widespread.
  • Biting the Hand That Poisoned Them

    Chipmaker AXT exposed its workers to toxic levels of arsenic, then fired them. Now ex-workers are finally organizing to demand some long-term health care.
  • Letters for the week of September 7-13, 2005

    Spiritual activism conference attendees respond to Chris Thompson's criticism; Plus skateboard kudos, and a middle finger for Bob Gammon's sideshow story.

Arts & Culture

  • On Stage

    Our critics weigh in on local theater.
  • On the Wall

    Our critics weigh in on local art.
  • Mr. Z Says

    In a loud way
  • Faultline

    San Jo to Orlando?
  • A lo chileno

    It's Chile at La Peña
  • Rebel Rock

    Protest music? In Taiwan?


Food & Drink


  • The Italian Job

    Can a software geek and a drum-machine guru form a successful Italian folk duo -- despite not being Italian? Why not?
  • Eazy-E

    Gangsta Memorial Edition
  • Apollo Sunshine

    Apollo Sunshine

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