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Issue Archive for the Week of Jun 8-14, 2005

Special Sections

  • Putting at Windmills

    Stylistic incoherence and uncool factor aside, mini golf still thrives in the suburban East Bay.
  • Our Fourth Annual Guide to Outdoor Recreation

    From running in Henry Coe State Park to swimming from Alcatraz to San Francisco, the highlights of the season's recreational sports calendar.
  • The Dump Next Door

    How do you get your neighbors to clean their messy yard, or stop throwing loud parties?
  • Loquat Snoops & Guerrilla Grafts

    Taste trumps appearance for rare-fruit growers, and the goal is to test what thrives locally.
  • Adjust Your Soil Acidity

    Wimpy zucchini? Listless legumes? Pathetic peas? Your garden's pH may be off-kilter
  • How To Build A Tepee Swing

    This sucker is strong, waterproof, versatile, easily stowed, and simply built for less than $50.
  • Wild Salmon for 3 Bucks a Pound

    If you can handle the waves and, of course, the blood, a party boat can't be beat.
  • New Blood at Old Town Hall

    Lafayette theater got Kevin Morales to make lemonade out of lemons. He turned it into a full-time job.
  • Traveling, So You Don't Have To

    Japan Journals oozes intensity and encyclopedic knowledge on everything from Zen to Sanyo.
  • Ten Bands in Fifteen Weeks

    Whether you prefer irie getaways or violent thrash-metal assaults, here are the bands for you.

News & Opinion

  • Hollywood North?

    Wayans bros. envision movie studio and theme park on ex-Oakland base; Nacho's up for a plum gig -- not mayor; plus, more on the mayhem at KPFA.
  • Probing the Animal Rights Underground

    Federal officials are targeting local animal-rights activists in an investigation connected to Bay Area terror attacks.
  • Torture Sells

    Suddenly, John Yoo is everywhere.
  • Room for One

    Most sex offenders chased from their neighborhood end up in flophouses. Arvind Balu chills out at the posh downtown Oakland Marriott.

Arts & Culture

  • People's Place

    It seems as if La Peña has always been there. How's thirty years?
  • On Stage

    Our critics weigh in on local theater.
  • Polvo Party

    Get in touch with your inner Portuguese sailor in San Jose.
  • On The Wall

    Our critics weigh in on local art.
  • Rebel Rousers

    Sleazy, but not cheesy.
  • Where's Yogi?

    We beat 'em before
  • Get Rootsy

    At the Heartland Music Festival
  • Coyolxauhqui

    She's everywhere


Food & Drink


  • Decent Proposal

    Concord goth kids the Catholic Comb have a bleakly bright future, provided they drop the song we'll pay them $20 to never play again.
  • Raging Doves

    Manchester trio moped its way across the pond, but it ain't miserable.
  • The Colony Raps Back

    A new Kenyan hip-hop doc spotlights a cultural phenomenon, and it came straight outta Walnut Creek.
  • Stephen Malkmus

    Face the Truth
  • Various

    The Very Best of Death Row
  • Emiliana Torrini

    Fisherman's Woman


  • Bad Habits

    Bad Habits

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