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Issue Archive for the Week of Mar 16-22, 2005

News & Opinion

  • The Revolution Comes to Rossmoor

    As the Vietnam War generation invades senior communities, an old generation gap rears its ugly head.
  • Jerry Comes Out

    Our favorite local AG candidate finally comes clean on gay marriage; friends of Cold War analyst Bill Mandel agitate to get his show back on KPFA.
  • The Power and the Apathy

    Cities in CoCo County are bulking up to sow democracy on the airwaves, but do residents even give a damn?
  • Robin Hood Would Not Approve

    Oakland's new recycling program is convenient for residents, a windfall for two big companies, and a fiasco for homeless scavengers.
  • Letters for the week of March 16-22, 2005

    For $50 and a few evenings, you, too, can be a postquake lifesaver; and if Walgreens won't invest in West O, why shouldn't residents invest in themselves?

Arts & Culture

  • Women Up Front

    Let us now praise socially conscious female musicians.
  • Capsule Reviews

    Our critics weigh in on local theater.
  • On the Wall

    Our critics weigh in on local art.
  • Smash Hits

    The SFLGFB rains disaster upon Crockett.
  • Price Club

    High style on Poverty Row
  • Tahoe Blue

    Music livens up the slopes
  • In the Mix

    The Boogie Shack goes Down Low
  • Frankapalooza

    Julia Morgan gets twisted


  • Losing Steam

    Despite its creator's pedigree, Steamboy is mostly hot air.

Food & Drink


  • The Kids Will Flock

    Sheep paraphernalia? Instrument-swapping? Welcome to the new, improved Ramp.
  • No More Slowcore

    Hushed Minnesota trio Low cranks it up to midtempo on its latest album.
  • Giraffes/Grafton

    Giraffes/Majesty Shakes EP
  • The Mars Volta

    Frances the Mute

Most Popular Stories

  • Davis Dysfunction Dooms Raiders Again

    Mark Davis’ head-scratching decision to move the team to Las Vegas has proven to be a major distraction for the team.
  • Why Oakland Should Cut Off ICE

    Federal immigration officials say they've been investigating "human trafficking" in the city. But in the past decade, they have not imprisoned anyone from Oakland for that crime.
  • The Wrong Path?

    Paideia helped turn Oakland Tech into the best public high school in the city. But some teachers and parents are worried about the future of the acclaimed humanities program.
  • Highland Hospital Surveillance Stirs Concerns

    The county's main hospital in Oakland has a camera that reads license plates and shares that information with federal law enforcement, including ICE.
  • Jerry Brown's Cap-and-Trade Program Isn't Working

    California's greenhouse gas emissions declined last year. But it was primarily due to the rainy weather — not the governor's climate policies.

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