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Issue Archive for the Week of Feb 2-Apr 26, 2005

News & Opinion

  • New Bay Incarnate

    Richmond's Frontline is spearheading a West Coast rap renaissance.
  • Driving, Ms. Julia?

    Bari bio ruffles Butterfly wings; Bari pals ruffle bio readings; Landmark victim targets councilman; and Don Perata begs for legal fees.
  • A Warrior for the Soul of Hayward

    While Cal State trustees yearned for a city of fat cats and hipsters, Matt Hamlet traded his SF fast life for the gritty Hayward of his youth.
  • You May Say You're a Dreamer

    But you're not the only one. Especially if you attend David Jenkins' weekly dream group.
  • Letters for the week of February 2-8, 2005

    A gangsta-tat misunderstanding; The French were first terroir foodies; and "terroir" is Orwellian anyway; Out with Zinn -- put Diamond in.

Arts & Culture

  • That's Mee All Over

    What else could playwright Charles Mee really be?
  • Capsule Reviews

    Our critics weigh in on local theater.
  • Sense Bleed

    The Perceptionists come together in West O.
  • On the Wall

    Our critics weigh in on local art.
  • Dharma Bums

    Many hands clapping?
  • Green Grow

    School Gardens? You betcha
  • The Abyss

    No phone. Just the blues
  • No Elephants

    Just elevated folk music


  • Gracias a la Muerte

    Javier Bardem aces the role of a charming quadriplegic who wants to die.
  • The Hustle

    Why the biggest deal at Sundance was no big deal at all.

Food & Drink


  • Bolinas Beach Babylon

    Quiet Quiet Window Lights brought the folk, and Bobo brought the freaks.
  • Reflection Eternal

    Author Jeff Chang traces hip-hop's past to reveal its future.
  • Luna

  • Behemoth


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