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Issue Archive for the Week of Jan 19-25, 2005

News & Opinion

  • David Dondero's Opening Act

    As "The Transient," the folksinger turned his grief into material. But for his second act, can he go farther?
  • It's the Bomb

    New bio of eco-radical Judi Bari ignites pals' ire. And BART pays lobbyist $130k, with nary a paper trail.
  • Refereeing the Next Big Boom

    In stem-cell research, as with so many other things, it all boils down to a case of the East Bay versus Palo Alto.
  • Trash in the Tributaries

    For years, illegal dumps have befouled a protected watershed, while the agency in charge of cleanup ignored the problem.

Arts & Culture

  • The Politics of a Mural

    Piedmont celebrates the East Bay's lost Key System.
  • Images of War

    Filmmakers compare Vietnam with Iraq at Oakland Museum panel.
  • On the Wall

    Our critics weigh in on local art.
  • Not So Solo

    Nat Russell gets by with a little help from his friends.
  • Lust Duster

    Keeping lesbian sex hot
  • Tunnel Vision

    (Sarah) Jones Comin' Down
  • Prez Dispenser

    Hail to the cheese


  • Color Bland

    South Korea's first anime feature is beautiful, but not much more.

Food & Drink


  • Rhythm Nation of Islam

    Spinning through a cipher of Muslim rap with the Bishop of Hip-Hop.
  • Opio

    Triangulation Station
  • Crater

  • The Tower Recordings

    The Galaxies' Incredibly Sensual Transmission Field of ...

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