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Issue Archive for the Week of Dec 22-28, 2004

News & Opinion

  • Leaning Sideways

    In a year when small movies came up big, picking the best was a Payne.
  • Second Run

    Celebrating the overachieving, underhyped movies of 2004.
  • Fahrenheit 2004

    Remembering the movies that heated up theaters this year.
  • A Murky Future

    It's CoCo time at the Mercury News, chutzpah time at Berkeley City Hall, Ken Starr time at Peralta College, and Christmastime for Feeder himself.
  • The Voodoo Priestess in Court

    Science may be taken in by Sharon Caulder's blandishments, but the feds and her insurers have come to a different conclusion.
  • Letters for the week of December 22-28, 2004

    Much disagreement about our guest essay blaming Berkeley's African American Studies Department for declining black enrollment at Cal.

Arts & Culture

  • Footie Fanatics

    Blazing indoor soccer action is a big draw at Alameda's Bladium.
  • The Punchbowl Chronicles

    Rejoicing -- hey, it's not for everybody.
  • Shuffling Till Dawn

    At Scott McNeely's poker parties, guys in tuxes know when to fold.
  • King's Ransom

    Elvis Presley memorabilia takes wing at Oakland International.
  • Feeling Lucky, Punks?

    The tat's pajamas at Gilman
  • Dude, Where's My Vindication?

    Bush-bashing books were big best-sellers this year, but guess who got the votes?
  • Trans-cendent

    Finally, BTG yoga
  • Short Takes

    Funny dogs, Zappa the control freak, the Venus de Milo, and more.
  • East Bay Best-Sellers

    What should be on your nightstand this month.
  • They're Ba-aack

    The return of Schlong
  • Kiss It Bye

    No dearth of Durst
  • Good to Go

    Big illustrated books that you should be buying as last-minute Christmas gifts.
  • On the Wall

    Our critics weigh in on local art.
  • On Stage

    Our critics weigh in on local theater.


Food & Drink


  • Jesus Christ, Rock Star

    A musical history of J-Hova, starring Kanye West and Morrissey.
  • Bing Reloaded

    The music industry's next great label? Pottery Barn. Merry Christmas.
  • Boxing the Rock

    Six of the year's best multidisc sets (and one of the worst).
  • Tussle

    Kling Klang
  • Nas

    Street's Disciple
  • Ludacris

    Red Light District

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