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Issue Archive for the Week of Oct 20-26, 2004

News & Opinion

  • Lizard Is a Rat

    Daniel "Lizard" Hernandez helped Nuestra Familia run a criminal empire from inside state prison. Then he helped the FBI take the gang down.
  • Taxing the Sun

    El Cerrito's utility tax will apply to solar-power users; plus, a Richmond candidate's hidden baggage, and a Richmond publisher's hidden agenda.
  • Witch-Hunt Victim or Shoddy Doc?

    Dr. Tod Mikuriya believes the state is out to get him for prescribing medical pot. Critics say it's not that simple.
  • Letters for the week of October 20-26, 2004

    In praise of our ice cream scoop; in disappointment over our MC story; in shock over the Emeryville situation; and in conflict over reggae politics.

Arts & Culture

  • It's About Time

    Balance your checkbook, make dinner, do your laundry, write that novel -- but first, take a minute for yourself.
  • Capsule Reviews

    Our critics weigh in on local theater.
  • Monster Mash

    Shannon Lark and her Chainsaw Mafia horror shorts invade the Parkway.
  • Capsule Reviews

    Our critics weigh in on local art.
  • Jungle Jim

    Ellroy hot-prowls Oakland
  • Untethered

    Ara's Epic antics
  • G'd Up

    No typical anything at PeaceOut


  • Opera Lite

    Rick is one fat lady shy of being a modern-day Rigoletto.

Food & Drink


  • Songs of Planet Krypton

    The Man of Steel's pop-culture appeal is inscribed in decades of lyrics.
  • Page, Turning

    Helmet is back, even if Page Hamilton has to replace the whole goddamn band.
  • Peace Profiteers

    Hip-hop is showing encouraging signs of a Vietnam-esque antiwar movement.
  • The Moore Brothers

    Now Is the Time for Love
  • Sizzla

    Stay Focus
  • Knife and Fork


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