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Issue Archive for the Week of Aug 18-24, 2004

News & Opinion

  • Eve of Destruction

    Why create a car just to destroy it? Because it's fun to do while drinkin' beer and bullshittin' with some of your friends.
  • Pumping Politics

    How personal ideologies affect Berkeley land-use decisions; Curves franchisees fight misperceptions; and another city gets stuck in the SAP.
  • Letters for the week of August 18-24, 2004

    The author of 1906 disavows Titanic. A real-life former Republican comes clean. The Superfest committee takes offfense. And more on Christian hip-hop.
  • Getting Truants Back to School

    Oakland Unified, which loses millions each year to absenteeism, has a new, two-pronged strategy: Round up the offspring, and go after the parents.

Arts & Culture

  • Hot Pants

    West Oakland clothing designers go to the side pocket.
  • Horse Story

    Plot is really beside the point in Cavalia.
  • The Last Drop

    Doesn't water belong to everyone? Think again.
  • Capsule Reviews

    Our critics weigh in on local theater.
  • Keep It Real

    It's a Black August
  • Fore Om

    Stretch, then whack
  • Open Says She

    Oakland's got its own
  • What Secret?

    Compilation loves Oakland


  • It Delivers

    Thomas Jane, as folk hero, robs banks and steals a movie.
  • I Hate It

    This Spike Lee joint is a cock-eyed, self-righteous, and graceless diatribe.

Food & Drink


  • Country Will Survive

    Time for you pathetic hipsters to buy yourself a Stetson and git on that mechanical bull.
  • The Enabler

    A tribute to the godfather of smooth jazz inspires mixed feelings of admiration and rage.
  • The Jazz Tortoise

    Charlie Hunter won't reintroduce youthful vigor to jazz -- or at least, not on purpose.
  • Tanya Donelly

    Whiskey Tango Ghosts
  • Baby Jaymes

    Ghetto Retro
  • M83

    Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
  • Comets on Fire

    Blue Cathedral
  • The Orb

    Bicycles & Tricycles

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