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Issue Archive for the Week of Jul 7-13, 2004

News & Opinion

  • The Sun King Back in the Spotlight

    As thousands of faithful adherents stand in line just to touch his hand, Clinton's new über-earnest memoir outsells all the populist pulpslingers.
  • Kings and Queens on Alice Street

    Chess, not midnight basketball, keeps these Oakland kids off the streets and thinkin' strategy.
  • Letters for the week of July 7-13, 2004

    Good huevos rancheros and bad radioactive wastes; the straight dope on Victor Castro, and the real dope on George Strait.

Arts & Culture

  • Indicting the Audience

    This land is my land/This land is my land ... 'Twas ever thus.
  • Capsule Reviews

    Our critics weigh in on local theater.
  • Bangin'

    Oakland's Hip-Hop Film Fest is back for more.
  • Fire Play

    Oakland burns again
  • Ride 'Em, Charro

    Cowboy pictures in Fruitvale
  • Sharp Finn

    Feminist filmmaker at the PFA
  • ¡Viva Pablo!

    Cien años de Neruda


Food & Drink


  • Zombie Punks Sound Off

    One beleaguered Berkeleyite's quest for rock opera glory.
  • Three Dirty Letters

    Forget the Seven Dirty Words: Radio's newest obscenity is "FCC."
  • Just Like Hendrix?

    Rush - quite possibly the whitest band on earth - has a surprising number of black fans.
  • Too $hort

    Married to the Game
  • Rodney Hunter

    The Hunter Files
  • Vetiver

  • Vic Chesnutt


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