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Issue Archive for the Week of May 12-18, 2004

News & Opinion

  • Catch Me If You Can

    After losing big to a Filipina swindler posing as a travel agent, her East Bay compatriots took matters into their own hands.
  • Letters for the week of May 12-18, 2004

    Old Oakland is not the only economically depressed neighborhood to get a Starbucks. Plus, a rebuttal from the author of some research on parental move-aways.
  • Top of the Bottom

    Homelessness, McCoffee, murder, hip local tampons and cheap motels, blasphemy, and animal abuse -- it's Feeder's Best of the East Bay.
  • Welcome to Oakland; Please Don't Spill

    For years, the city's fire department ignored warnings that it lacked the means to successfully respond to hazardous waste spills within Oakland.
  • Scenes from a Strike

    Small-business owners block port to protest fuel costs, but cops have learned a trick or two since antiwar protests.

Arts & Culture

  • Uncovering Akhnaten

    Egyptian mysteries revealed at the Oakland Metro.
  • First Lady

    Fashion that might get you cast out of Eden.
  • Go Fourth

    Jazz takes to the street
  • Team Steamer?

    The NSL hits Santa Cruz
  • Wear a Party

    Underground fashions
  • Self-Absorbed

    The next step in hip-hop


  • 11 Tête-a-Têtes

    Over Coffee and Cigarettes, a panoply of personalities play abstractions of themselves.

Food & Drink


  • The Art of Ticketmastery

    The all-night box-office vigil desperately needs a modern equivalent.
  • Pale Green Avenger

    Penelope Houston reconciles her punk past with her rock future.
  • Kind of Red

    Tierney Sutton is a hot jazz singer with tough competition (Harry, Diana, Norah) and a secret weapon (her hair).

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