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Issue Archive for the Week of Mar 24-30, 2004

News & Opinion

  • The AXT Way

    Meet Xuan Wen Li. Fremont semiconductor firm AXT, Inc. poisoned him with arsenic, then fired him - just as it did with up to 500 other Chinese immigrants.
  • Fighting a Third World Menace

    Big Pharma's greed didn't stop Children's Hospital's Dan Granoff from creating a meningitis vaccine for Africa's poor.
  • Bum-Rushing the Bulldozers

    Since local Jewish activists can't make it to the Middle East, they head out to San Leandro instead.

Arts & Culture

  • Beats meet Banda

    At El Reventon, the next phase in Mexican pop.
  • A Play in a Day

    PlayFest is mighty spontaneous -- and it has to be.
  • Hot Couture

    The fashion seen in downtown Oaktown.
  • Holy Catfish!

    Friday Night Fish Fry at Sweet's
  • Feet Fighters

    Follow the rocketing pelota
  • Gamin' on Ya

    Check out these board games -- before everybody else does
  • Black Is Back

    There's something about Mary
  • Going Dutch

    Dance from the Netherlands


  • No More Wussies

    Or, why Tom Hanks isn't Steve Guttenberg

Food & Drink


  • Bröthers in Röck

    Good steak, bad comedy, booze, backslapping, and rock 'n' roll -- welcome to the Bands4Bands awards dinner.
  • Rebuilding the Wall

    You have $2,000 to replace your stolen CD collection. Time to rejoice, or time to panic?
  • Various

    No Depression: What It Sounds Like (Vol. 1)
  • BR5-49

    Tangled in the Pines
  • Shamako Noble

    The Return of the Coming of the Aftermath
  • Just Jack

    The Outer Marker
  • John Fahey

    The Best of John Fahey, Volume 2: 1964-1983

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