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Issue Archive for the Week of Mar 17-23, 2004

News & Opinion

  • Meet the Quirkyalones

    You don't need a life partner to be complete -- or so say participants of this budding social movement.
  • Broadcast Blues

    Journalism can be dangerous; Hey, can't the animal-rights people all just get along?; plus cats, cats, and more cats.
  • Revolving Doors at John George

    Alameda County pays psych contractor big bucks to purge patients from its mental hospital. Critics call the practice dangerous and unethical.
  • Hunting the Hunter on I-580

    Ever since a mysterious suspect's shooting rampage, the CHP has been out to demonstrate its diligence.
  • Letters for the week of March 17-23, 2004

    Kudos from the Purple One's legions of horny, international fans, and more on the plight -- and humanity -- of the mentally ill.

Arts & Culture

  • Bad Granddad

    Oakland legend Johnny Talbot brings down the funk.
  • Hungry Ghosts

    No shocks in Ibsen's chestnut, but surprising humor.
  • Watch This

    New documentary keeps an eye on the cops who are keeping an eye on you.
  • Sans Tent

    Smell the greasepaint in E'ville
  • Hector & Tonya

    Boxing's odd couple fills out a card at the Arena
  • Trackers

    On the Trail
  • So Call Him

    Listen to a little something
  • Spooky 7th

    Back that classical up


Food & Drink

  • A Tasty Résumé

    Owner-chef's work pedigree and Thai heritage combine for a funky, flavorful neighborhood bistro.


  • Hip-Hop's Spin Cycle

    When will hip-hop finally benefit from the nostalgia reissue craze?
  • Tinny Dancer

    Meet Leslie Stuck, postmodernist ballet-choreographing studio tech geek.
  • The Blind Thrashers

    Mekons stumble forward across the heartland, playing songs from their 22 CDs.
  • Sufjan Stevens

    Seven Swans
  • Various

    Africa Straight Ahead

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