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Issue Archive for the Week of Feb 25-Mar 2, 2004

News & Opinion

  • So, How Do You Feel About That Scene?

    Cinema therapy is coming soon to an analyst's couch near you. We got an exclusive sneak preview.
  • Rock the Hypocrisy

    Dude, where's my ballot? CoCo County can oppose Wal-Mart, and shop there anyway; and Deaniacs just won't quit.
  • Health Care at the Brink of Doom

    Alameda County Medical Center is one vote away from virtually ceasing to exist, and with it, eliminating the poor's safety net.
  • Measure R: Antidote for Crime?

    Oakland leaders are split on a tax initiative that funds both cops and social programs, with no guarantees that either can stop the killing.

Arts & Culture

  • From Sci-Fi to Lucifer

    The mixed fates of two comic sketches blown up into plays, Rocket Man and Say You Love Satan.
  • Take It to the Bridge

    ... the people-to-people bridge between the United States and Cuba, that is.
  • Resuscitated Heroes

    When novelists turn flesh-and-blood famous figures into fictional characters, are they cheating?
  • That's Life

    Four masters of photojournalism discuss their craft in Emeryville.
  • As Ives Said to Kafka

    Schooled in sci-fi, Berkeley's Carter Scholz revises official histories.
  • Superfreaks

    This month's East Bay book news.
  • The Horrors

    It's a mean old world
  • Express Reviews

    Hot new books for your delectation.
  • Top Spin

    Serves 'em right
  • Picture This

    Jewish heritage for kids
  • East Bay Best-Sellers

    What you're reading this month.
  • Good to Go

    What you should be buying next month.
  • The Funk Political

    KRS-One effects change at Sweet's
  • Laffday

    Comedy Corner transforms Tuesdays


  • The Shafted Millions

    Blind Shaft is a noble endeavor, portraying the plight of China's underclass, but its bleakness makes it hard to endure.

Food & Drink


  • You Failed Hip-Hop

    Jay-Z and Andre 3000 might abandon rap for good. Are their fans to blame?
  • Signal to Noise

    Don't cross that bridge: The East Bay has it all over Noise Pop this week.
  • Liars

    They Were Wrong, So We Drowned

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