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Issue Archive for the Week of Jan 21-27, 2004

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  • East Bay Course Directory

    You can find classes and workshops around the East Bay in just about every subject you can imagine. Hula dancing? Check. Aerial arts? Check. Henna tattooing, yoga for horseriding, pro wrestling, oral sex? They're all out there.

News & Opinion

  • Lost In Iowa

    Grueling hours, frigid temperatures, snarling dogs, hostile homeowners: Welcome to the Dean campaign, kids.
  • High Times for Drug Kingpins

    While talking tough about crime, Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown has presided over the dismantling of OPD's vice unit and a rise in drug crime.

Arts & Culture

  • Farmers' Almanac

    Video-art pioneer Chip Lord and Ant Farm: buried Cadillacs and burned TV sets.
  • Ctrl-Alt-C&W

    The Buttless Chaps are much better than their name
  • Post-Gender

    And you can dance to it
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  • Sea Here

    Topsy-turvydom in WC


  • Rev 'n' Retch

    Motorcycle sound and fury signify nothing, but do kinda rock, a little.

Food & Drink


  • Wessiiiide

    Vegas mix-CD mogul DJ T-Ski is hell-bent on helping Bay Area unknowns get their shine.

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