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Issue Archive for the Week of Jan 14-20, 2004

News & Opinion

  • Mortal Combat

    In the unregulated world of pro wrestling schools, the demise of Berkeley's Brian Ong probably wasn't negligent -- merely inevitable.
  • Flameout of the Armchair Radicals

    An ugly spat between leftist media factions demonstrates why giving everyone their say isn't always the best idea.
  • Pursuing SYDA

    The international yoga organization -- some consider it a cult -- takes to court an ex-member bent on airing sexual allegations.

Arts & Culture

  • The Wright Stuff

    Salty and sweet music from jazz singer Lizz Wright.
  • The Mother of All Opera Tiffs

    San Francisco production of opera by Gertrude Stein lands company in court in spat with East Coast rival.
  • Monkey See ...

    At the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, the Lunar New Year activities never end.
  • Liars' Rub

    Pundits a-poppin' in Berkeley
  • Huff, Puff

    Step right up
  • Tail Spinners

    The monkey and the shark
  • The Swinger

    Meet the Lindy Hop man
  • Fired Up

    Hot opera at the Crucible


  • Baby Love

    The belated holiday anime Tokyo Godfathers is a genre-bending offer you shouldn't refuse.

Food & Drink

  • Makin' Bacon

    Transforming your cooking skills into a business is a bureaucratic grind -- but there's hope for the little guy


  • Life After Wesley

    A new online tribute album -- and an epic radio marathon -- are signs that we can't let Wesley Willis go.
  • Pirate Radio

    Celebrating sea shanties: Songs of misogyny, racism, colonialism and, yes, sailing.
  • More Fun in the Ivy Womb

    Wood paneling and indie rock make a fine and unusual cocktail.
  • All Shall Perish

    Hate. Malice. Revenge.
  • Badawi

    Clones and False Prophets
  • Elephant Man

    Good 2 Go

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