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Issue Archive for the Week of Nov 19-25, 2003

News & Opinion

  • Singh vs. Singh

    The Sikhs behind one faction at Fremont's Gurdwara are linked to violence and drugs. Some say terror, too.
  • The Vexing Mystery of Jane Doe

    After six months and three hundred leads, not only do a pair of sheriff's detectives not know who killed a teenage girl in Castro Valley -- they still have no idea who she was.
  • Party People

    A tipster calls with dirt on a candidate, but he's the more interesting yarn; plus, what's a Mulder win worth?
  • Letters for the week of November 19, 2003

    You can't understand Huck Finn until you've walked in my shoes. The way to understand Huck Finnis to put its language in context.

Arts & Culture

  • Jackson Inaction

    If it was up to state and Bay Area bureaucrats, George Jackson's story would never be told on film.
  • For Pete's Sake

    P.J. MacAlpine's new opera Sneaky Pete Alley flashes back and looks forward.
  • The Thane, in Uniform

    Impact's redeployed Macbeth brings out some fresh nuance.
  • Drama Queen

    Secrets of stage gore, and booze, revealed.
  • Greil America

    More than you ever wanted to know about The Manchurian Candidate.
  • Artful Noise

    Punk meets Asia at Gilman
  • Follow the Bouncing Bells

    Introducing: Goalball
  • Taters, tots

    MOCHA sticks it to 'em
  • Reality Bites

    Cheap food ... isn't
  • Hey Norton!

    The emperor's new impropera


Food & Drink

  • Pass the UnTurkey

    Vegan kids back home from college? No prob. These "birds" are meatless.


  • Mister Dairy Goodness

    Michael Baker's secret to regular rotation on Clear Channel radio: Put your lips together and moo.
  • Funk Archeology

    A great new Bay Area comp sheds light on the obsessive world of crate-digging.
  • All Tomorrow's Zombies

    Would the festival crowd eventually wake up? Shit no. They're indie rockers. And indie rockers stare.
  • Josh Rouse

  • The Rum Diary

    Poisons That Save Lives
  • The Runaways

    The Runaways/Queens of Noise

    Cherry Red

  • All-Purpose DJs

    Pound fa Pound

Most Popular Stories

  • Highland Hospital Surveillance Stirs Concerns

    The county's main hospital in Oakland has a camera that reads license plates and shares that information with federal law enforcement, including ICE.
  • Davis Dysfunction Dooms Raiders Again

    Mark Davis’ head-scratching decision to move the team to Las Vegas has proven to be a major distraction for the team.
  • Why Oakland Should Cut Off ICE

    Federal immigration officials say they've been investigating "human trafficking" in the city. But in the past decade, they have not imprisoned anyone from Oakland for that crime.
  • The Saap Avenue Marries Lao Food and Cocktails

    The Chai Thai Noodles family expands with a hip restaurant on Piedmont Avenue.
  • The Wrong Path?

    Paideia helped turn Oakland Tech into the best public high school in the city. But some teachers and parents are worried about the future of the acclaimed humanities program.

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