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Issue Archive for the Week of Oct 15-21, 2003

News & Opinion

  • 25 Years in the East Bay

    A special silver anniversary photo essay from the archives of the Express.
  • Voters are Idiots

    Rethinking the Coleman candidacy; Don't ask Jeeves how to run a campaign; Locals may capitalize on Wilson connections; And never, never give a voter a pencil.

Arts & Culture

  • That Lived-In Look

    The Starry Plough turns thirty.
  • Totally Frank

    Sinatra style in Walnut Creek.
  • In the Works

    Fourteen and full of surprises
  • Take Charge!

    WDO in OAK
  • Family A-Peel

    Don't slip up -- go (to) BANANAS' thirtieth anniversay
  • Allez-Oop

    There's a place in France
  • Remembering the Land

    The California Indian Storytelling Association does -- do you?


  • Saint Veronica

    A slick remake of a barely fictionalized biopic renders Irish reporter Guerin's story as Hollywood truth.
  • Holmes Fried

    Wonderland's tale of a porn star's decline might have had resonance if any of it felt real.

Food & Drink

  • Killing What You Eat

    In which our staff foodie assists in poultry slaughter, and his roommate gives up on KFC forever.
  • Grocer to the People

    A little bit of Berkeley Bowl-style produce rolls into West Oakland.


  • Businessmen of Mischief

    The Hieroglyphics crew shows up the big-shot hip-hop biz that once rejected it.
  • The Lord's Music?

    All-ages church venue cites religious freedom in its fight with noise-hating neighbors.
  • Fleetwood Mac in Reverse

    Behold Mates of State, patron saints of indie-rock lovey-doveyness.
  • Critic's Choice for the week of October 15-21, 2003

    Social revolution in a ballroom, a Latin-hillbilly hybrid from Los Angeles, bread and roses in a jazz club. Connect the dots, y'all.
  • Soul Position

    Eight Million Stories
  • Sleep


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