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Issue Archive for the Week of Oct 8-14, 2003

News & Opinion

  • Class-Action Warrior

    Larry Schonbrun robs from rich trial lawyers and gives to poor consumers. But he's doing okay, too.
  • Blood & Money: Endgame

    Even in his death, Yusuf Bey is lionized as an elder statesman rather than branded as a thug. Meanwhile, his victims reflect.
  • Full Monty Crimes

    The evidence: a body, GBX boots, and six artificial zebra-skin hats; Riders retrial? Don't bet on it. When cops go bad, the bad go free.
  • Letters for the week of October 8-14, 2003

    Enough whining about Wal-Mart. Go open your own rock venue. Thank goodness for Berkeley's restraint. Finally, an interesting Express story.

Arts & Culture

  • Mariachi in the Mansion

    Oakland's Dunsmuir House hosts its first mariachi festival.
  • Rhodes to Ruin

    Prepared improv at the Oakland Box.
  • The Four Bs

    Bang-up on Hegenberger
  • Bears Bear Down

    Men's soccer poised for move up
  • Rap Roots

    Before there was Eminem ...
  • Trading Gazes

    A different kind of salon
  • Pure Classic

    A week of Russian gems


Food & Drink

  • What Johnny Pushed

    'Tis the season to remind us what good apples should taste like.


  • The Real Shock Rock

    From Fremont to New Hampshire, historical minstrelsy is reemerging. Should it?
  • Jazz Should Be Complicated

    Jazz upstart Brad Mehldau isn't Bill Evans or Harry Connick or a candy-ass. Dig it.
  • Rorschach Feedback: 'You Hack'

    Mr. Yorke responds, wethinks. But c'mon, Thom, whaddaya make of the kids' Radiohead interpretations?
  • Critic's Choice for the week of October 8-14, 2003

    A soulful cat returns to the bag, a polka punk visits from Los Angeles, rabble rockers bash Bush, and a couple of couples sing in opposite directions. Check it out.
  • Lyrics Born

    Later That Day
  • Yukmouth


Most Popular Stories

  • Davis Dysfunction Dooms Raiders Again

    Mark Davis’ head-scratching decision to move the team to Las Vegas has proven to be a major distraction for the team.
  • Highland Hospital Surveillance Stirs Concerns

    The county's main hospital in Oakland has a camera that reads license plates and shares that information with federal law enforcement, including ICE.
  • Why Oakland Should Cut Off ICE

    Federal immigration officials say they've been investigating "human trafficking" in the city. But in the past decade, they have not imprisoned anyone from Oakland for that crime.
  • The Wrong Path?

    Paideia helped turn Oakland Tech into the best public high school in the city. But some teachers and parents are worried about the future of the acclaimed humanities program.
  • The Saap Avenue Marries Lao Food and Cocktails

    The Chai Thai Noodles family expands with a hip restaurant on Piedmont Avenue.

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