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Issue Archive for the Week of Sep 3-9, 2003

News & Opinion

  • Wanted: CEO-Location Technology

    The saga of East Bay firm US Wireless raises questions about the role of corporate boards and auditing firms in policing the behavior of executives.
  • Bottom Feeder

    City manager vacations as Richmond burns; top cop Samuels' fall from grace; Bey empire is religious when convenient; and big developers court LAFCO.
  • Letters for the week of September 3-9, 2003

    Appreciating the Phenomenauts' talent, tolerating Harold Camping's Gnosticism, denouncing OMI's sorry lack of justice, and supporting Gary Coleman nationwide.

Arts & Culture

  • Rancho Uproarious

    A night at El Rancho de Concord.
  • Dicks 'n' Dolls

    Is that a heater in your pocket, or are you just glad to see the Parkway's fifth annual Film Noir Fest?
  • New Routes

    Jahi enlightens Berkeley
  • Tread on Arizona

    Giants can smell the NLDS
  • Slip-Slidin' Away

    Dunk the back-to-school blues at Antioch Water Park
  • Petal Pusher

    Floral excavations at Nexus
  • Roman Feet

    Adventures in nonirony


Food & Drink


  • Naming Names

    South Bay MC Rasco is back, and he's pissed. (Sorry about that last album.)
  • Batman's Last Laugh

    With the recent death of Wesley Willis, the indie world lost a prolific entertainer.
  • Critic's Choice for the week of September 3-9, 2003

    It starts with an earthquake, moves into nonviolent protest, picks up some introspective Oaklanders, and sees the brief reunion of three rioters -- you figure it out.
  • Señor Coconut

    Fiesta Songs
  • Howard Tate

  • Broker/Dealer

    Initial Public Offering
  • Dosh


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