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Issue Archive for the Week of Aug 13-19, 2003

News & Opinion

  • Space Invaders

    Who the hell invited Oakland's Phenomenauts to play the Warped Tour? Nobody. But that didn't stop them from hijacking the big-time punk festival.
  • Black and White in Contra Costa

    The surprising rise of Federal Glover in East Contra Costa County highlights the start of a new era for black political representation.
  • What Mo Learned at Law School

    When the University of California's Boalt Hall Law School reneged on its promise to hold fees flat, Mo Kashmiri used his legal training.
  • Kickin' It

    Who pays for the repairs when the cops kick in your door? Who pays attention to minor candidates? Who pays partial domestic-partner benefits?
  • Letters for the week of August 13-19, 2003

    Jenna Nanetti didn't deserve it. Jerry Brown did nothing for it. Gina Arnold overdid it once again (but, hey, will she marry me?).

Arts & Culture

  • Groan Man

    The $7 Hamburger -- only at Oakland Metro.
  • Rides Deluxe

    Tire-kickers beware -- the cars at Blackhawk are works of art.
  • Cigar Music

    Valle Son plays deep Cuban
  • Where the Fugawi?

    Up the creek without a clue? Here's help
  • Jr. Card Room

    Gotta know when to hold 'em
  • Flower Power

    An idea grows in Oakland
  • What It Takes

    Fugard play asks tough questions


  • For Love of the Game

    Kevin Costner doesn't make friends. He makes movies, dang it.

Food & Drink

  • The Whole Hog

    A food critic's visit to barbecue country.


  • Drive-By Family Guys

    Alabama's Drive-By Truckers have sacrificed all in their quest to be the next Skynyrd.
  • Slap Happy

    Much like his Hawaiian waves, flip-flop folkie Jack Johnson finds a near-perfect groove.
  • Critic's Choice for the week of August 13-19, 2003

    A one-man band of absurdity, old-time music before it was cool, acoustic guitar topped with sardonic wit, and a street musician in an SF nightclub, among other acts.
  • Variable Unit

    Handbook for the Apocalypse
  • The 88

    Kind of Light
  • The Snake Trio

    Light the Candle

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