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Issue Archive for the Week of Aug 6-12, 2003

News & Opinion

  • Gary for Governor!

    He's the right leader for these times. Why he's our man.
  • Gary's Plan

    The Coleman platform proposes decisive action on the problems of the state.
  • Gary vs. the Ballot Hijackers

    Issa? Bock? The Terminator? Don't make us laugh: Coleman's challengers will be weeping come October 8.
  • The Quotable Gary Coleman

    As an actor, he read a script. But as a columnist, his words are all his own.
  • Diff'rent Quotes

    Dozens of Californians reregistered as "Decline to State" to get Gary on the ballot. We asked some why.
  • How Gary Coleman Can Win

    His voter base is quite broad, which could make the difference on election day.
  • For Diff'rent Folks

    From Gary's sitcom peers, unwavering support. Mostly.
  • Let the Lobbying Begin

    Gary's TV peers are already lobbying for a seat in his cabinet.
  • It's an Act

    Acting has proven its worth as preparation for politics.

Arts & Culture

  • Somehow, It's Fitting

    Artist and musician Matt Volla's "Puzzled" series opens at Buzz Gallery.
  • Planet Moves

    The balls are supposed to hit the ground.
  • Our Turn

    Black, queer, and onscreen
  • Hole Card

    The Raiders are back
  • Strike Up the Band

    The Music Man with an all-kid cast
  • Africa Is Here

    And Ashkenaz is the place
  • Deliberate

    She makes art, not war


Food & Drink

  • Food Fantasy Island

    With the addition of a working fish market, Alameda's Marketplace is coming to resemble its founder's dream.
  • Slumgullion Fest

    In which the soused patrons of Quinn's Lighthouse debate pirate cuisine.


  • Chips and Salsa

    English drum 'n' bass meets Colombian world music. Hilarity doesn't ensue. Meet Sidestepper.
  • Evolve or Die

    The Lookout! Records of fifteen years ago would barely recognize today's incarnation -- thank God.
  • Coleman's Ode to Victory

    Gary is a dazzling politician, sure, but he's still gotta get the populace dancin'.
  • Critic's Choice for the week of August 6-12, 2003

    Experimental music to grill by, folk that predates Dylan, Afro-beat from Congo, and bombastic stadium rock, among other acts.
  • Lifesavas

    Spirit in Stone
  • George Strait


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