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Issue Archive for the Week of Jul 30-Aug 5, 2003

News & Opinion

  • Murder in Pod B, Cell 9

    When deputies at Santa Rita Jail put harmless drunk Kevin Freeman in a cell with a violent psychopath, they all but signed the man's death warrant.
  • An Army of Beneficent Backpackers?

    Oakland travel writer Brad Newsham has launched an ambitious project to counter America's bad rep around the globe.
  • Guts to Spare

    The latest fad over at AC Transit: Stomach-stapling.
  • Letters for the week of July 30-August 5, 2003

    Your article on the desert tortoise takes a cheap shot at citizens' litigation. Your critique of online activism ignores your own Web publishing efforts.

Arts & Culture

  • And the Winner Is ...

    Emerald Rain Productions awards itself an ERPie.
  • Great Snakes!

    W.C. Fields made a brilliant career of playing "a great big frightened bully," but his film legacy is in danger of being lost.
  • Write On

    Writers, rappers, resisters
  • The Other Cheek

    Born with a birthmark spanning half her face, Joie Davidow learned not to cry.
  • Where No Cars Roam

    Berkeley Bay Trail now open and running
  • Curl Up with One

    This month's East Bay book news.
  • A Kinder, Gentler Bookseller

    Wal-Mart's buying -- and censoring -- power affects us all.
  • In Training

    All railroads lead to Danville
  • Sunny Son

    It came from Veracruz
  • Express Reviews

    New books hot off the presses.
  • Navel Ball

    Belly-dance legacy continues
  • East Bay Best-Sellers

    What you're buying this month.


  • J. Lowest

    Jen and Ben get Gigli, and why not? They just stole our $10.50.
  • You, Spy

    Why can't Americans make TV shows as good as Brit import MI-5?

Food & Drink

  • The King and Eyes

    Tanaka, the new Berkeley sushi joint, has great ingredients but the presentation is, well, a little raw.


  • Get Away from Her

    Norah Jones sold a zillion records. Now she'd like to disappear.
  • Spitting Venom

    Oakland MC Jahi balances his "conscious" image with righteous political fury.
  • 12 Hours in a Rat Trap

    DIY touring can be a blast, but its rigors are repressive, and sometimes deadly.
  • Critic's Choice for the week of July 30-August 5, 2003

    A warbly fire hose, Afro-Euro soul, a pianist named Forward, and a phoenix of a cinematic pop duo, among other acts.
  • Bishop Allen

    Charm School
  • Chris Lee

    Cool Rock

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