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Issue Archive for the Week of Jul 2-8, 2003

News & Opinion

  • Quit Your Church!

    It was bad enough when evangelical broadcaster Harold Camping falsely predicted the apocalypse. But his latest crusade really has Christians fuming.
  • Oaktown Smackdown

    Breaking news from City Hall
  • The Rise of Point & Click Liberalism

    A pair of software moguls wants to revive progressive ideals via the Internet, but first they'll need a much fatter pipe.
  • Fugu Fish and Other Follies

    Sister cities came about as an idealistic plan to spread peace and goodwill -- now it's about business, or so officials claim.
  • 7 Days

    Parks and Bureaucracy, how can we thwart you?; don't celebrate yet, Mr. Bey; and a drunk-though-intelligent platypus bamboozles the national media.
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  • Letters for the week of July 2-8, 2003

    Vets profit from hypocrisy; pet owners have selves to blame; Eliza Higgins -- Shaw would approve; and don't mess with Metallica fans.

Arts & Culture

  • Short People

    The expressive world of Gitty Duncan's Puppets and Pie.
  • Smile When You Say That

    The traditional Brazilian martial art of capoeira blossoms in Berkeley.
  • Hair Supply

    Poison takes a beating and loves it.
  • Boy Oh Boy

    Take a wet seat at Scream III
  • Gimme a C! Gimme an H! ...

    It takes spirit to join Cheer SF
  • Mars Attracts

    It's as close as Chabot
  • Blame Larry

    Disturbing images from the '70s
  • Dog Gone

    A smorgasbord of sleaze


  • For Whom the Bell Tolls

    Antioch turns to private sector to rehab an old movie theater.

Food & Drink

  • Mix 'Em & Pick 'Em

    Vintners once created wine blends by planting in the right proportions. And while science has interceded, many old blends live on.


  • Raver Revolution

    Before West Coast dance music "tribes" get political, they'd better clean their toilets.
  • The Melancholy Smart-Ass

    Joe Pernice knows how to pull off the ultramaudlin: Dose it with deadpan humor.
  • The Critic with Two Left Feet

    Alameda's zydeco-dancin' scene is like witnessing an explosion at a Norman Rockwell factory.
  • Critic's Choice for the week of June 2-8, 2003

    Indie hip-hop at the Fillmore, a genre-bending jazz singer, twanged-out Midwestern rockers, and a controversial opera, among other things.
  • why?

  • Firewater

    The Man on the Burning Tightrope
  • Susheela Raman

    Love Trap
  • Ellen Allien


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