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Issue Archive for the Week of Jul 9-15, 2003

News & Opinion

  • 7 Days

    This brother really, really, really wants a sister; and this professor really, really, really wants tenure.

Arts & Culture

  • Odessa's Palace

    The warm, introspective music of singer Odessa Chen.
  • Dig Doug

    Douglas Coupland tackles national tragedy in Hey Nostradamus!
  • Woofin'

    Go on, pamper the pooch
  • Broom with a View

    It's not hockey, it's broomball
  • Day Gigglers

    Fun plus self-esteem at girls' day camp
  • Home Boys

    ...and girls, from Hayward
  • Shrew Biz

    See it outdoors at Woodminster


  • Still Smilin'?

    Part Disney, part Barnum, the man who saved comics is all Stan Lee.

Food & Drink

  • Cue 'Em Up

    Jon Kauffman grills the pros for tips on the tastiest backyard BBQ.


  • Bashin' Pop

    Will cutesy indie rock survive another recession? Pop Holiday suggests it will.
  • Critic's Choice for the week of July 9-15, 2003

    Melodic pop tarts, the Mexican Elvis, hellish coffeehouse jazz, and the best absolutely horrible band you'll ever see, among others.
  • Eels

  • Starvations

    Get Well Soon

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