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Issue Archive for the Week of Jun 18-24, 2003

Special Sections

  • The Ice Cream Man Cometh

    Selling bomb pops to Bay Area kids is not quite as sweet as you'd imagine. But Mahmoud Rabah makes up for it.
  • A Different Kind of Golf

    If the green is gray and the hazard is a storm drain or fenced-in lot, you must be playing urban golf.
  • Highlights

    Summer Recreation in the East Bay.
  • Defending Your Turf

    What's an environmentally conscious person to do to get rid of annoying ants, aphids, raccoons, or snails?
  • The Experts' Favorite Nurseries

    We asked eight East Bay landscapers and horticultural professionals to choose the nurseries they like the best.
  • When the Junk Piles Too High

    Discarding the crap you've gathered in that garage or storage unit isn't as easy as you might imagine.
  • Corn Is Out. Halo-Halo Is In.

    Here in the international East Bay, it's time to broaden our image of what foods go best with summer.
  • Outdoor Dining

    Our second Annual Guide
  • Soundtrack for the Shut-Ins

    Three months. Ten bands. Thousands of pasty-skinned hipsters. A summer guide to the East Bay music racket.
  • Map Data

    Descriptions and contact info for East Bay points of interest.

News & Opinion

  • The Future Belongs to Antioch

    Without a real urban center, Contra Costa is a collection of distinctive, independent burbs. And that creates its own problems.
  • 7 Days

    Housing commissioner versus housing developer; Pete Stark versus the Pentagon spin machine; and skateboarders versus the elements.
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  • Letters for the week of June 18-24, 2003

    Next time you fret over your latest $64 street-sweeping fine, consider how much you'd pay if you actually owned a garage instead.

Arts & Culture

  • The Prom Keepers

    This time you'll get it right.
  • Thrilleritis

    CCT brings modern twists to Ira Levin's Deathtrap.
  • Sirk's Works

    Get out your handkerchiefs: it's a Douglas Sirk retrospective at the PFA.
  • Indie-cisive?

    All you can see and hear
  • Sweat Set

    Try a Tri-for-Fun
  • Ask Nellie

    She's a telescope, and she knows
  • Artsy-Craftsy

    There is a there here
  • Solo Barysh

    Dance demigod touches down


Food & Drink

  • Eat Their Homework

    Three fine courses for ten bucks at Treasure Island's chef school.


  • Back in Blue

    Eli's Mile High Club is a revamped, reopened, and reenergized Bay Area blues haven.
  • Hail to the Thief, Indeed

    Hail to the Thief demonstrates why music fans are still music fans.
  • Critic's Choice for the week of June 18-25, 2003

    Stud-man Beck, tango with Tengo, hip-hop in the movies, smoove jazz, and more.
  • Mogwai

    Happy Songs for Happy People
  • Rogue Wave

    Out of the Shadow
  • Gillian Welch

    Soul Journey
  • J-Boogie

    J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science
  • Karsh Kale


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