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Issue Archive for the Week of Apr 30-May 6, 2003

News & Opinion

  • Snitch

    Michelle Doggett thought she was doing the right thing by exposing fraud at Lawrence Livermore Lab. But in a town where work and family are one, there's a word for people like her.
  • The Proof Is in the Pudding Cup

    When they learned that boozy Jell-O shots were en route to California stores, local children's advocates went on the rampage.
  • The Little Park That Couldn't

    Bella Vista should've been a jewel of public-private partnership. Instead, it's a symbol of Oakland's bureaucracy gone awry.
  • 7 Days

    When criminals are morons; Black Rep foibles, Act 17; and hey, don't most workers fight to bring in the union?
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Arts & Culture

  • Tech It to the Limit

    Whither the Web goes, local authors set up soapboxes.
  • On the March

    Fruitvale's Cinco de Mayo festivities reflect the growing Latino presence in Oakland.
  • You Don't Know Jack

    Bob Fowler navigates the strange world of Jack Chick's Christian comics.
  • Beatle View

    John Lennon's artwork comes to Walnut Creek for one weekend only.
  • Home and Away

    This month's East Bay book news.
  • The Ugly American

    Jedediah Purdy examines the legacy of America's innocents abroad.
  • Just Take It

    See you in the funny papers
  • From Here to Eternity

    New books by Bay Area authors.
  • Spoke 'n' Fur

    Pedal for the cause in Dublin
  • Olden=Golden

    Heritage ed. in Fruitvale
  • East Bay Best-Sellers

    What we're reading lately.
  • Prismism

    Stephen Funk's sticker collection
  • Notes on Camp

    Impact Theatre takes its gay comedy Queer Theory across the bridge.
  • Multidimensional

    Anniversary time at Calvin Simmons


Food & Drink


  • On a Mission

    Oakland's Foreign Legion are tight bros from way back when.
  • Prince of Darkness

    Having moved away from Palace, Will Oldham breaks down as Bonnie Prince Billy.
  • Abba. Who Knew?

    Oh, the tastes that bind the East Bay together.
  • Critic's Choice for the week of April 30-May 5, 2003

    Raza rock for Cinco de Mayo, the California Symphony's season finale, a wake-up jazz call at Yoshi's, Russian Gypsy music at Ashkenaz, and more.
  • Various

    Flying Funk; Flying Grooves

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