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Issue Archive for the Week of Apr 16-22, 2003

News & Opinion

  • Cutting Corners

    Critics of Kaiser's cost-cutting efforts warn of the dangers of an HMO policy in which sick patients with shaky hands must split their own pills.
  • Where the Cops Don't Say "TGIF"

    Oakland wanted a cabaret district. Oakland got a cabaret district. But not everyone is entirely happy about who is visiting it.
  • The Boy Who Cried War

    As the military geared up, Shane Morris led a pro-war walkout at his high school, sealing his bid as Most Likely to Be Avoided.
  • 7 Days

    Dellums doesn't meddle in his kid's affairs; Regents want taxpayers to quit meddling; Emeryville's meddling, and disabled folks don't like it.
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  • Letters for the week of April 16-22, 2003

    Stephen Buel has been watching too many Bruce Willis movies. Michelle Turner appears to have been drinking too much store-bought beer.

Arts & Culture

  • Scene and Be Zine

    Comics, zines, CD and LP covers -- all the things that make life worth living.
  • Chamber Punk

    There is a future for punk rock after all.
  • Turn, Turn

    The art of the DJ
  • Stick to It

    Cal women's lacrosse vs. Davis
  • Raccoon Alley

    Kids' orchestra plays Andean music
  • Critical Mass

    The art of Santiago Bose
  • No Elephants

    It's a brand-new circus


  • The Gulf Between

    When these soldiers became writers, the pen becomes very mighty indeed
  • Of Boobs and Blood

    Troma's Lloyd Kaufman has guts, all over the floor

Food & Drink


  • Consent to Represent

    Freedom Fighter Music tries to reconcile hip-hop with its activist roots.
  • Sleeping Thrill

    A review of Sigur Rós' live performance at the Paramount.
  • Give the Guy a Hand

    Budding Yngwie Malmsteens and Glenn Goulds: Dr. Jameson feels your pain.
  • Critic's Choice for the week of April 16-22

    A bilingual braided MC, Cuban piano giants, Waifs from Down Under, an Shaver, an Oaklander from West Africa, Motown's unsung heroes, and a planet-friendly festival.
  • Various

    Wild Dub: Dread Meets Punk Rocker Downtown

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