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Issue Archive for the Week of Apr 9-15, 2003

News & Opinion

  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Landlord

    Marco Cochran founded the Creamery as a place for artists like himself to share a home. But city officials didn't share the same vision.
  • No One Left to Confront

    Bay Area antiwar activists would love to challenge the American war machine -- if only they could find it.
  • Can Delta Ball Clear the Infield?

    Antioch pol's dream of hosting a minor-league baseball team faces some sobering historical and economic realities.
  • Prof Seeks Lives on the Fringes

    Historical sleuth Kathy Stuart scours old court records to track daring deviants and forgotten freaks of early modern Europe.
  • 7 Days

    How not to plagiarize; shoulda called it the Daily Asteroid; battin' for the unborn; and Tenet nurses get theirs.
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  • Letters for the week of April 9-15, 2003

    Jacques Barzaghi is a) "outrageous," b) "creepy," c) a "ruthless political hit man"; slander and distortion is destabilizing; and I was lost in Danville, too.

Arts & Culture

  • The Trouble with Hitch

    Retracing Alfred Hitchcock's celluloid footprints -- but not in the East Bay.
  • Billboard

    This week's day-by-day picks.
  • Industry and Entropy

    Oakland art show Catalyst disturbs and entertains.
  • Pass the Butchy

    Riot grrls mature -- sort of.
  • Still Kinky

    He messes with Texas
  • Post Up!

    Three-on-three on Oaktown
  • Page-Turners

    Kids' books are bigger than you think
  • Hello, Dali

    Dreaming up artworks
  • Tall Tails

    Primate rules at CSUH


  • Made with Love

    Rosanne Cash is the friend who will say, or sing, what you can't

Food & Drink

  • Pass the Tofurky

    The East Bay is bursting with meat alternatives.


  • Bavarian Dream

    The Notwist scoots between electronica and moody indie pop like nobody's biz.
  • Afro Boom-Bap

    The Afro-Latin funk of Berkeley ten-piece group O-Maya.
  • Malcolm's Street Spirit

    A homeless ex-Panther has won the respect of young musicians.
  • Sheila Chandra

    The Indipop Retrospective

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