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Issue Archive for the Week of Mar 26-Apr 1, 2003

News & Opinion

  • There Is No War in Blazing Falls

    In the much-hyped new Internet video game from Maxis Studios, you can look like a supermodel, earn like an oil baron, or sing like Britney Spears. So why is there a class structure, civil disobedience, crime, and ennui? Is this what designers planned?
  • Battle for the Soul of ANG

    The sudden "resignation" of ANG Newspapers publisher P. Scott McKibben gives some employees a cause for hope.
  • 7 Days

    When Harry met Bronstein; what would Jerry do? (at Santa Rita); and the Creeky wheel gets the press.
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Arts & Culture

  • Three Times Dope

    The Many Styles of DJs Apollo, Vin Roc, and Shortkut.
  • Six Feet Under

    Portland comes to the East Bay -- that's a switch.
  • Shock & Awe on the Runway

    The shock: Oakland has a fashion scene; the awe: It's pretty groovy.
  • Salsera!

    Women make salsa
  • Just Win, Baby

    Tejada's big dilemma
  • Esprit de Corpse

    Mary Roach examines the dead.
  • Taking Steps

    Students encounter real, live dancers
  • Natural Selections

    This month's East Bay book news.
  • Like, Bikes

    Racing cycles rev up WC
  • W and the Vision Thing

    Bush has been more visionary than East Bay readers may care to admit.
  • Eastern Shift

    East Bay dance asserts itself
  • Ready for Takeoff

    Into the future with books on science.
  • East Bay Best-Sellers

    What we're reading on this side of the bay.


  • War on War Songs

    Iraq and roll don't go together well when rockers protest

Food & Drink


  • Texas Was the Reason

    The East Bay was out in force at Austin's South by Southwest.
  • Rite of Spring

    At this year's SXSW, you couldn't hear the bad news over all that music.
  • The Last Waltz

    Saddam's final mistake: failure to plan his funeral soundtrack.
  • Critic's Choice for the week of March 26-April 1, 2003

    A socially aware metalhead, Celtic and British folk fused with rock, a Buena Vista Social Club superstar, clean and sober salsa, and a bluegrass reunion.
  • Ms. Dynamite

    A Little Deeper

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