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Issue Archive for the Week of Jan 22-28, 2003

News & Opinion

  • Baang! You're Dead

    Clan leaders Ricky Menjivar and Vinh Bui are out for blood. Their battleground: Korean-style cybercafes across the East Bay. Their deadly game: Counter-Strike.
  • Let's Take the Public Out of Public Art

    What do the earth's vibrations, mounds of melting gloop, and bronze warts have in common? They all pass for public art.
  • High-Tech Hide and Seek -- for Adults

    Geocaching enthusiasts get back to nature with their cell phones, digicams, and satellite-positioning units.
  • News & Notes

    Pedophile changes his story; councilwoman tries to change consultant; more changes at Hayward Unified; and Grand Lake owner will never change.
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Arts & Culture

  • The Worst of Times

    Local theater companies are cutting costs to make do with less.
  • Afro-Cuba-Oaktown

    Jazz pianist Omar Sosa brings his symphonic work From Our Mother to the Paramount, con alma.
  • He's Ready

    Blues singer-guitarist phenom David Jacobs-Strain sounds like he just fell off a southbound freight train, but he goes to Stanford.


  • Max Factors

    Writer-director Menno Meyjes asks, would a Jew help Hitler?
  • Hanoi Humanism

    Tran Van Thuy's Vietnamese documentary Chuyen Tu Te is a rarity -- in more ways than one.

Food & Drink

  • The Fungus Among Us

    Candy caps abound, chanterelles are scarce, and death caps lie in wait.
  • A Delidinger Too Many

    A Bay Area man tests the limits of diner endurance.


  • Roll Over, Tutankhamen

    Pyramids, death metal, and a roadie with the mummy's curse? Meet Nile.
  • The Soul of Summer

    Singer-songwriter Craig Gurwich finds his calling.
  • Paintball with 'Morris'

    He wasn't beautiful, or even essential, but Maurice Gibb was cool.
  • The Clean

  • Massive Attack

    100th Window

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