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Issue Archive for the Week of Dec 25-31, 2002

News & Opinion

  • It's the End of the World ...

    The bourgeoisie cried in its beer, while the underclass prepared to drown.
  • What's He Building in There?

    2002 was the year in which Americans were asked to spy on their neighbors.
  • Plug In, Turn On, Go Out

    'Twas the year you could finally seek love online and not get laughed at.
  • American Idle

    Why American Idol worked on TV, but not in person.
  • What Ever Happened To ...

    Another look at stories that appeared in the Express in 2002.
  • Letters for the year of 2002

    Of bricks and Satan, stolen DNA and poetic protest, Nazis, Mussolini, arch conspiracies, women in heat, and Chris Thompson's soul.
  • 7 Days

    Tragedy in Newark and Pleasant Hill, vindication in San Leandro and Sacramento, wee-wee in Walnut Creek, and caution in Fremont and Oakland.
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Arts & Culture

  • Blue Year's Eve

    Taj Mahal shows his African-American roots at Yoshi's.
  • About a Boy... and About a Girl

    When kids are the protagonists of adult novels, they say the darnedest things.
  • Good Man Gone

    Taswell Baird Jr. was much more than another Oakland murder statistic.
  • Creeping Out the Kids

    Will the real Lemony Snicket please stand up?
  • Who's Kidding Whom?

    This month's East Bay book news.
  • Who Killed Pippi Longstocking?

    Sandra Stotsky mourns a new "multicultural illiteracy."
  • Listen, My Children

    Get your kids reading with these selections.
  • East Bay Best-Sellers

    What East Bay dwellers are buying.


  • Here Comes AMC

    Arrival of the number two movie chain could bode poorly for number one.
  • Fear Factor

    But just think, no one hates TV more than Trent Lott

Food & Drink

  • Hair of the Dog

    Hangover cures from our local cocktail-slingers.


  • Bless the Beast

    Kamps, Kalem, and Clair: Our three critics on bEASTfest 2002.
  • Talkin' Revolution

    Inside the musical fatwa of Oakland's From Monument to Masses.
  • Reign in Drool

    Finally. Heavy metal baby clothes.

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